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We’re pretty confident cleaning our hair with the usual liquid shampoo every day—after all, we get to wash off all the dirt, oil, and gunk on our tresses. Yet dry shampoo claims to be able to do the same, without rinsing and the need to dry hair. So how does this new hair care product work and is it really effective? What is it really good for, other than saving us time in the morning? First, we have to take a closer look at what dry shampoo is made of. Unlike liquid shampoo, dry shampoo has alcohol or starch, which absorbs the oil and grease in your hair. It’s very similar to the traditional remedy of applying cornstarch into your hair, with some added benefits. Hence, while it’s great as a temporary solution, it’s not advisable to use it for the long term. That said, dry shampoo is recommended for use by women with fine hair, in between days when they’ve washed their hair. Many women have also adopted dry shampoo in the belief that using liquid shampoo to wash hair every day can strip off too much oil, damaging hair in the process. And it’s also great for those with colored hair, as washing with liquid shampoo can strip away the hue from your locks. Those who are fond of styling their hair can also get great value from dry shampoo. Since you just spray it on and brush it off, it can prolong the life of the pricey Brazilian blow-out treatment you’ve gotten the day before. And yes, it does make hair more manageable than wet shampoo. With these pros and cons, hair aficionados can truly benefit from having a can of dry shampoo always at the ready. On top of saving time, they can get better-looking hair while on the go.