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Shampoo is most likely the first beauty product that you’ve used in your life. Think about it: unlike makeup and other cosmetics, you’re already using shampoo back when you’re just a little baby. But even if you’ve been using it all this time, you may not know these 5 things: 1. Water is actually the most popular ingredient in all shampoos, accounting for 70 to 80% of the mix. The remaining 20 to 30% is split between detergents that clean hair, acids like Vitamin C that keep strands shiny, volumizing and lathering agents. Other additives may be also mixed in to address specific hair types or issues, such as sun protection, hair color treatments, etc. 2. The first shampoos actually originated in India in the 1500s. To clean their hair, they used the pulp of the soapberry fruit, mixed with herbs and flowers. Before Western colonial traders brought this back to the Old World, they just left their hair (and all the gunk on it) alone. 3. That said, it was only in the late 1920s that liquid shampoo was invented. In the past, shampoos came in bars and were usually available only from professional hair stylists. Because of this, most people only washed their hair with shampoo once a month. 4. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually has a monograph solely for over-the-counter anti-dandruff products, shampoo being one of them. 5. It may seem obvious, but one of the top considerations for anyone looking for a shampoo today is smell. And it’s not just to mask natural smells. With the number of women getting their hair treated on the rise, there’s a bigger need for shampoos to mask that chemical smell. Now, more and more shampoo brands are coming up with perfume-like smells, unlike the one-note scents they had in the past.