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There’s a wide range of hand sanitizers available on the market nowadays. Among them is a batch of organic, all-natural cleansers that claim to disinfect hands without all the harmful ingredients. But are they worth the hype? The short answer is that it depends. Unlike the term “anti-bacterial,” which is closely regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are no real guidelines for the terms “organic” nor “all-natural.” So while it is true that many of the extracts in these cleansers have specific disinfectant properties, effectiveness may depend from product to product. After all, different products may have varying concentrations of a specific ingredient; some natural ingredients may only be effective against specific kinds of microbes. Hence, it’s still important to do a bit of research on a specific product before purchasing. However, these organic hand sanitizers are not totally without merit. Here are a couple of benefits that you can get from using them: Gentler on the skin. Many people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema may prefer to use these all-natural sanitizers instead of the ones that contain alcohol. While alcohol is an effective cleanser, it can be too harsh for use by those with sensitive skin. So to avoid any complications while still keeping hands clean, use an organic alcohol-free spray instead. More moisturizing properties. Unlike alcohol or alcohol-based products that tend to dry out the skin, many of these all-natural hand sanitizers even contain essential oils and extracts to hydrate your hands. These benefits aside, using a hand sanitizer—whether organic or otherwise—is not a total substitute for hand washing. It is best as a supplement to good old water and soap. So when you’re at home, don’t just use that sanitizer; go to the sink and wash your hands thoroughly for best results.