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About Baby Powder

As long as your baby does not have asthmas or any allergies, using baby powder can actually be soothing for your child. Simply put it on your palms first before applying it onto your baby’s back or chest for a light massage or pat it lightly onto their little bums to alleviate the burning sensation or itchiness of diaper rash. You can also use it yourself to help combat sweatiness or even as a setting powder for your makeup to absorb excess oil and make your flawless look last longer.

For natural, safe, and non-irritating baby powders, check out BeautyMNL’s selection of top brands. We have medicated baby powder from Shiseido, which is ideal for rashes and irritated skin; a diaper cream that dries into a soft, powdery finish from Sanosan; an organic formula by Leiania House of Beauty that helps nourish and soften skin; an all-natural baby powder made from rice by Tiny Buds; and more baby-friendly products within your easy reach. All of these have been tested to be safe for use in babies, and they are definitely safe for your own use as well!

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