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While our hands and feet tend to undergo the most stress, they’re body parts we often overlook. Well, not anymore! Thanks to innovative skincare, you can now get the extra TLC you deserve, from the tips of your fingers to the end of your toes. BeautyMNL carries a wide assortment of luxe treats made just for your delicate extremities. We’ve got everything from moisturizing balms, soothing ointments, nail creams, hand sanitizers, and even foot masks!

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Soft Peel Off Foot Pack ROROBEE
₱235.00 ₱190.00
Apple Hand Cream 3W CLINIC
₱109.00 ₱99.00
Peach Vita Hand Cream SOME BY MI
₱495.00 ₱220.00
Milk Hand Cream ROREC
Rose Hand Cream ROREC
₱250.00 ₱195.00
Hand Cream (Rose) OMI MENTURM
₱250.00 ₱199.00

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About Hands & Feet

We use our hands and feet every day, but you’ll be surprised at how little most people know about them. Hence, here are 5 fun facts about your hands and feet:

  1. Got smelly feet? Blame bacteria for it. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the sweat on your feet itself that’s causing the stink. (This, despite the fact that your feet has around 250,000 sweat glands!) Rather, it’s the fact that bacteria thrive in dark, moist conditions. So whether it’s sweat or water, as long as you wear wet socks, expect it to end up stinky, as bacteria will prosper in those conditions. That’s also why regularly cleaning and exfoliating your feet are important, as this helps prevent bacteria from growing on your feet.

  2. If you’re touch typing, 56% of typing is done by the left hand.

  3. The total distance that an average person will walk in his or her lifetime is about 185,000 kilometers, or around 6 kilometers every day. This is equivalent to going around the earth more than 4 times. Meanwhile, all that walking puts a cumulative force of several hundred tons on your feet every day. So don’t feel guilty about giving your feet a foot spa—they deserve it, especially if you exercise!

  4. You may already know that you don’t have hair on the palms of your hands. But do you know that the skin there don’t tan as well? That’s the reason why your palms are often lighter in color than the rest of your body.

  5. Got the smell of old coins left behind on your hands? That’s the result of your body’s oils and sweat reacting to the iron compounds in the coins. That reaction then results in the creation of ketones, which give off that “metal” smell.