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Think that lotion is only for dry skin? Think again. Lotion is an essential part of a skin care regimen, especially as you get older. To learn more about them, here are 5 things you should always keep in mind: 1. Apply lotion after a bath. If you don’t, all the dirt and dead skin cells on your body might end up mixing with the lotion, preventing it from being absorbed by the body. Damp, soft skin also absorbs lotion better than skin that’s totally dry. 2. Choose the lotion right for your skin type. Like all other cosmetics, there are also different kinds of lotion for different skin types. For example, oily skin would need a lighter formula than dry skin; those with sensitive skin should steer clear of lotions with strong fragrances. 3. Make sure the one you chose is right for the weather. A lot of people in the Philippines skip on lotion because of the greasy feel that they get after spending some time out in the sun. However, not having any lotion on can lead to the formation of wrinkles and sun spots. So, for starters, try getting a lotion with sun protection built in, especially if you’re going to spend some time outdoors. Then opt for a non-greasy formula such as water-based or gel-type lotions to avoid that heavy feeling. 4. Don’t put on too much lotion. A coin-sized amount is enough for the face, while a little more is enough for other parts of the body. 5. Mind the expiry date. It’s true that a bigger bottle of lotion offers more value for money than a small bottle. But if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to finish up its contents, go for the smaller bottle instead, as lotion only has a lifespan of one to two years.