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Water-Based Lubricant (35ml)
Water-Based Personal Lubricant (100ml)
Vagisil Soothing Oatmeal Cream 15g
Lubie Limited Edition Gift Set
Tiny Buds Newborn Dry Cotton Wipes
On-The-Go Antibacterial Wipes 50s
Blackout Mask
Multipurpose Surface Wipes Lemon 80s
Multipurpose Surface Wipes Marine 40s
Shirt Cooler Antibacterial Cooling Mist (50ml)
Alcogel: Antibacterial Baby Wipes (30 Sheets)
Feminine Wipes (Tea Garden) - 1 pack
Feminine Wipes (Light Powder) - 1 pack
₱24.00 ₱30.00
Cleansing Wipes (25s)
On-The-Go Antibacterial Wipes 10s
Multipurpose Surface Wipes Marine 40s

The most effective way to keep yourself feeling and smelling fresh “down there” is to use clean water and a gentle feminine wash. This combination ensures that the good bacteria survives, keeping your intimate area healthy, while getting rid of bad bacteria that causes odors, irritation, and other diseases. However, the situation is not always ideal. You may not have access to running and clean water, or you may not have a small bottle of feminine wash with you. If so, the next best thing is to use feminine wipes and mists. BeautyMNL has a selection of feminine wipes and mists for intimate care on the go. You can choose from brands like Bench, PH Care, and Veeda, all of which are made with the right pH balance and gentle ingredients and are dermatologically- and gynecologically-tested to be safe for use. Always keep a pack of these wipes in your bag so you can freshen up quickly and easily, wherever you may be! Get your feminine wipes and mists from BeautyMNL today and experience the comfort and convenience of shopping from home. When you don’t have to sit for hours in traffic and stand in line at the cashier, you’ll have more time to pamper yourself. So go and get the products you want, choose whether you want to pay via credit card, cash-on-delivery (COD), bank transfer, or PayPal, and simply wait for your order to arrive. Easy peasy, right?

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