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Vagisil Soothing Oatmeal Cream 15g
Biodegradable Pantyliner
SeoulUnni Herbal Sanitary Pad - Medium (10 pads)
₱89.00 ₱130.00
Menstrual Cup (Size 2)
Biodegradable Night Pad
Sinaya Panty Liner
EasyFlo Menstrual Cup in Icy Blue
Herbal Sanitary Pads (10pads)
Cloth Liners (2 Pcs. Per Set)
Day Pad
Night Pad
Body Fit Night Slim Wing 35.5cm (4s)
Side Gather Comfort Night 35.5cm 4s
Body Fit Night Slim Wing 35.5 cm (16s)
Body Fit Night Slim Wing 35.5 cm (8s)
Body Fit Night Slim Wing 42.5cm 8s
Cooling Fresh Night Slim Wing 35cm 9s
Cooling Fresh Night Slim Wing 29cm 14s
Cooling Fresh Slim Wing 23cm 16s
SeoulUnni Herbal Sanitary Pad - Large (8 pads)
₱89.00 ₱130.00
Biodegradable Day Pad
Organic Super Tampon
Organic Regular Tampon
Tempo Tampon
Tempo Tampon Duo

Menstruation: it’s something that every woman has to deal with for a huge part of her life. Some women experience mild discomfort during their periods, while many others experience varying intensities of dysmenorrhea. Some have light to normal menstruation, while others deal with heavy flow. No matter where you fall in this category, you will need products that will help you manage your “crimson tide” and make things more bearable. BeautyMNL carries various brands of sanitary napkins, including Kotex, Leiania House of Beauty, Softex, Whisper, and Veeda. There are also menstrual cups and tampons from brands like Anytime Menstrual Cup, Ladouce Tampons, and Veeda, for those who prefer using these alternatives. For those who want to extend their love for the environment to the way they deal with their periods, BeautMNL also has products from Hannahpad and Ka Nami. These companies manufacture reusable, washable, sustainable, and organic feminine napkins and panty liners. For your daily hygiene needs, there are panty liners available in the BeautyMNL catalog, too. You can find brands like Ka Nami, Takeps, Kotex, and Veeda—the first two are washable and reusable while the other two are disposables. No matter how you choose to manage your periods and daily feminine hygiene, BeautyMNL is here to help. We guarantee that each product you buy from our store is authentic and original; you can be assured that we will not compromise your health, safety, and beauty! Shopping online at BeautyMNL also comes with the added benefit of several easy payment options and the convenience of not dealing with traffic. Some of our products are high in demand, so they might be out of stock at times. If this is the case, we will send you reminders when these products are available again. BeautyMNL will do the legwork for you—just sit tight and we’ll make sure that you will get what you need for a worry-free period.

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