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If there’s anything that can organize all the smallest knick-knacks in your purse, it’s a pouch. Make it your kikay kit, or stow away items like coins, cards, or your house keys. BeautyMNL has a plethora of pouch options for you to choose from. They come in pretty prints and colors, in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your essentials behind ever again!
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₱699.00 ₱449.00

Makeup and beauty products are not the only things you can store in these pouches. With us girls being on the go most times, we can use one of these pouches to build our own everyday carry (EDC).

What’s an EDC?

As the name implies, an everyday carry is a group of items that you always use every day and can help you out in emergency situations. While traditionally these items are stored in pant pockets or scattered around in a bag, keeping them all in one small pouch can help you stay organized.

Some items to add to your EDC include:

  1. Unflavored lip balm — it’s not just for chapped lips. Apply it on your skin to prevent blisters, remove a stuck ring, open a jammed zipper, or erase mascara smudges.

  2. Pocket flashlight — you may reason out that your cellphone already has a flashlight function. But in an emergency situation where you may want to conserve your phone’s battery life, then having a separate flashlight is the way to go. Besides, there are many compact LED versions available that bringing one along won’t be a hassle.

  3. Swiss knife — while you may not really need the knife part of it, the nail file, scissors, tweezers, and toothpick are must-haves in your EDC pouch.

  4. Pen and small notebook — so that you won’t forget anything—list them all down! And if you have a sturdy sign pen, you can even use it for self defense in some situations.

  5. Sunglasses — definitely a must for a tropical country like ours. If you’re going out in the afternoon, wearing a pair is a must.

  6. Tap cards or car keys — this depends on whether you commute or you drive. But whatever the case, keeping them in your EDC pouch will ensure that you won’t forget them at home or elsewhere.