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You won’t lose a thing again. Use our holders to help you organize and keep track of all your personal belongings. Store beverages and your meals in thermo-insulated cozies, bric-a-brac in multi-use key chains, and when you’re out travelling, stow away your flight essentials in pretty travel wallets, and label luggage with adorable tags. BeautyMNL offers these items to guarantee that your life—down to the most minute of details—is in good working order.
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The useful holders available on BeautyMNL won’t just help you organize your belongings on a daily basis. They can definitely make your everyday life easier, especially when you use them in some rather unconventional ways. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Keychains and card holders. They are not just for keys anymore. For starters, you can add some pocket-sized gadgets that you may need in everyday situations to your usual keychain. These include a Swiss knife, bottle opener, flashlight, tape measure, a paracord braid, or even a small roll of duct tape.
    You can also add a card holder to your keychain to hold your tap card for easy access. Or add a calling card to that card holder, so just in case you lose your keys, whoever finds it can contact you and return it. And if you have a lot of USB flash drives, you can also loop them all into a single keyring to avoid misplacing them.

  2. Luggage tags. Giving a bag or a suitcase as a gift? Instead of using a separate gift tag to attach to the package, use a luggage tag as a gift tag. You’ll even make your recipient happy, as he or she gets a smaller bonus gift.

  3. Bottle holders. If you’re going shopping for groceries, bring along a bottle tote. That way, if you’re buying bottles of drinks, condiments, or other items, you can skip the common reusable bag. A bottle tote securely holds those flasks together, preventing spillage and breakage, especially if they’re made of glass.

  4. Insulated lunch bags. Buying frozen goods or ice cream? Just like the bottle tote tip, if you want to keep them cold, put them in an insulated lunch bag. The material will help keep them cold until you transfer them to a freezer.