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Put a ring on it! A small accessory is one way to update your style without breaking the bank. Shop for statement rings that express your personality, simple sparklers, and more at BeautyMNL. These can be worn alone, stacked, or on various fingers all at once. This simple accessory is sure to wow when people catch a glimpse of it on your digits. They’re incredibly versatile, and can be used for any and every occasion!
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Rings are another commonly worn piece of jewelry by both men and women. However, most rings are not one-size-fits all; very few are of the adjustable variety. To help you with getting the right-sized ring for you or for your loved ones, take note of these 3 tips:

  1. Be careful about asking for ring sizes. Just like clothes, there are also different ring sizing systems all over the world. For starters, the US and Canada uses numbers while the UK, Australia, and South Africa use letters. Other countries such as Germany and Russia also use numbers, but they’re not equivalent to the US/Canadian system. So before you order a ring, make sure that you’re both using the same sizing system, else you may end up with one that’s too tight or too loose.

  2. Don’t know what your ring size is? There are many ring size charts available online—some need to be printed out, while others allow you to measure your finger’s width against your computer screen. If all else fails, you can go for average: the most common women’s ring size is also 6 to 6.5 on the US scale.

  3. While many jewelry stores offer a ring resizing service, you can always go the DIY route. If it’s too loose, you can add a layer of glue, tape, or a food-safe pure silicone adhesive to the inner side of the ring to tighten it. You can also purchase ring reducers. These are plastic tubes that are added around a portion of the ring to tighten it. And depending on the style of your ring, you can just wear another tighter ring after it on the same finger to lock it in place.

However, if it’s too big, the only recourse is to cut it and to make it adjustable. Hence, this is only suggested for costume jewelry; for more valuable rings, better bring it to a professional instead.