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If it isn’t to hold up a pair of denims or clothes in place, belts are often overlooked as a fashionable accessory. There is more to a belt than its functionality. It can polish off the simplest of outfits, and make our silhouettes look shapelier. Whatever your preference is, BeautyMNL has belts that are both stylish and functional: skinny belts, thick belts, buckle or chain belts. Discover what fits you best.
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Belts are one of the most utilitarian fashion accessories for women—after all, they’ve been originally used to hold pants up. But with a multitude of designs now available, they’re also great at sprucing up your #OOTD. Hence, here are some tips on wearing these different kinds of belts:

  1. Wide belts, whether they’re elasticized or made out of leather, are a great way to fake an hourglass figure. By cinching it across your torso, it draws attention to the top portion of your body. It’s the perfect accessory for empire-cut dresses.

  2. Chain belts are perfect for dresses or topping skirts that are made out of light, flowy fabric. The weight of the chain helps keep parts of the dress down so that the fabric doesn’t balloon or fly up during windy conditions.

  3. Narrow or skinny belts are another great option for accentuating dresses. They’re a great alternative to wide belts, as they add a subtler touch and help achieve a slimmer, more well-dressed look. These belts are also great with a suit or a pair of slacks.

  4. Woven belts are not only a great accessory for a country-girl look. They’re also great for those who have a hard time finding the right belt size. Since these woven belts don’t have any holes, it eliminates the need to create unsightly additional holes just to be able to use the belt. A woven belt can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of sizes.

  5. Neutral-colored belts are great for women on the go, as they can be basically paired with anything. These are belts that come in black or brown. Meanwhile, solid-colored belts are also great for adding a bit of your personality to an otherwise boring outfit. Great color options include blue, red, and orange. Pastel shades are great choices as well!