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No girl wants to have their hands full when they’re out and about. A purse or clutch is perfect for carrying the bare essentials–cash, lipstick, and cell phone–of your belongings. BeautyMNL has a variety of small bags, which are both fashionable and handy, for you to match with all your outfits and accessories. With so many options, you are sure to find one for everyday, a special occasion, or in your favorite color.
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Cash, cards, keys, and your makeup are not the only things that you should always have in your purse. Here are seven things that you should bring along—and you’ll surely use them:

  1. Rubbing alcohol. While hand sanitizers are in vogue today, they’re not as versatile as good old rubbing alcohol. After all, you wouldn’t want to use a hand sanitizer to wipe clean a dirty table or disinfect a wound for first aid. They’re cheaper and less sticky than hand sanitizer, too. If a bottle of alcohol is too big for your purse, just buy a travel-sized spray bottle from a pharmacy and fill/refill it.

  2. Safety pins. A missing button on your button-up blouse? You won’t always have the time to sew it together. For a quick fix, just use a safety pin to keep your blouse closed until you get home.

  3. Band-Aids. While an entire first aid kit may not always fit in your purse, at least have some plasters with you. These can prevent those popped blisters or minor scratches from getting worse, such as helping prevent the skin from further tearing or covering the scratch to prevent infection.

  4. Mints. Of course, you need to freshen your breath after a hearty meal.

  5. Lip balm. This is not only to soothe those chapped lips. There are many uses of lip balm, from using it as makeshift brow gel and cleaning up smudged eye makeup, to loosening stuck zippers. Just make sure that you have an unflavored one—a mint lip balm may end up irritating broken skin, instead of soothing it.

  6. Aspirin. Keep the headaches away with a tablet.

  7. Pen. You’ll definitely need it to jot down notes or sign papers. However, if you have a tougher, heavier pen, you can also use it for self-defense against an assailant.