Top Reviewed Products for Sensitive Skin

Alcohol Free Toner

" This vs Celeteque "

This is a strong contender for the spot of best affordable toner! Personally, I am usually torn between get...

Jo Anne Michelle about 2 years ago

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Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

₱860.00 ₱774.00
" Very effective, but watch out for purging "

I've used this product for a good four months. Prior to usage, my skin has been breaking out a lot due to s...

Gett about 1 year ago

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Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

" Hydrating :) "

I love that a small amount (pea size) of this product takes away dirt and makeup in a wash. I love using th...

Claire 10 days ago

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Skin Recovery Formula

My Prime
" Recommended!! "

I absolutely love this product!! When I applied it, it felt light and wasn't irritating in anyway. My skin ...

Melody about 1 year ago

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Daily Moisturizing Cream

Aloe Derma
" Great for Trips to Cold Weather Places! "

Super hydrating, perfect for trips to cold weather places where your skin tends to really dry up! This save...

Beatriz about 2 years ago

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AI Lotion (100ml)

" A must-have for sensitive skin! "

This is not as intense as the AI cream, however this is great for everyday use if you have a major irritabl...

TRISHA almost 2 years ago

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AI Lotion (200ml)

" Great For Atopic Dermatitis "

This particular product was prescribed by our dermatologist, as my kid is suffering from atopic dermatitis....

anne mari over 1 year ago

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Soothing Aloe Vera Moisture Mask

My Beauty Diary
" after-sun mask! "

I use this wheneer i was out in the sun too long during the dry. This really soothes and hydrates my skin. ...

angelyn 5 months ago

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Gentle & Softening Makeup Removing Oil

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Very effective "

For me, VMV's Gentle & Softening Makeup Removing Oil is the more affordable version of Shu Uemura's cleansi...

Kristine almost 2 years ago

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Soothing Cleanser

Aloe Derma
" Very good! "

I have never thought that aloe can feel this good on the skin. I love how this soothing cleanser definitely...

Beau about 2 years ago

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Marine Calm Soothing Hydrating System Set

H2O Plus
₱2,400.00 ₱1,920.00
" Instant Hydration "

I first tried the travel sized variants but immediately purchased the full size after my first use. This i...

Cristina Maria over 2 years ago

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Sun Block Sensitive

" Gentle "

Non sticky and it's so gentle, best for those who have sensitive skins.

Maria Cyril Kae about 2 years ago

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Moisturizing Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Derma
" Hurray for Aloe! "

I've been using this for a month now and it helped balance my skin. Non-irritating and does not clog my po...

sharon over 2 years ago

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Moisturizing Skin Lotion

Aloe Derma
₱550.00 ₱495.00
" Love it "

I just got this yesterday and start using it. I'm loving this product. My skin is dry and sensitive which m...

Rupika over 1 year ago

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Mild Lotion

" Nice! "

I love the Mild Lotion II so much that when I ran out of it, I decided to give this Mild Lotion a try inste...

Beau almost 2 years ago

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Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Great for rosacea "

I have rosacea, and having that in the Philippines is quite difficult. Not just because of the climate, but...

Maria Rowena Soterranea about 2 years ago

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