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Hydration Travel Kit

Celeteque DermoScience
" Worth it "

I ordered this kit because I wanted to test how good the Celeteque toner and moisturizer was, I bought the ...

Marinela over 1 year ago

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Sweet Gelato Trio Cup

The Soap Farm
" Adorable soaps "

Well. Theses soaps are so cute. Perfect for giveaways or gifts for special occassions. Handy and can be bro...

Rechele 18 days ago

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Donut Bath Soap Duo

The Soap Farm
" Super nice! "

This duo is super cute and yes, they look nice even after using it several time. Perfect for gifts! Last ye...

Caroline 3 months ago

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Superskin-Starts-Here Set: Hydra Balance for Combina...

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Perfect Starter Kit! "

This VMV Hypoallergenics: Hydra Balance Set is really the perfect starter kit, It can be used by people who...

Gladys 10 months ago

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French Macaron Bath Soap Trio

The Soap Farm
" Perfect gift--for kids AND adults! "

I gave out Soap Farm soaps last Christmas to friends and family and they were a hit! They're not just prett...

Caroline 3 months ago

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Superskin-Starts-Here Set: Spring Cleaning for Oily ...

VMV Hypoallergenics
" VMV is my favorite! a must-try set for those whose scared to try :) "

This is really effective on my skin type. VMV products are really effective! Its kinda expensive but its go...

Maria 19 days ago

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Nippon Skincare Duo

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱450.00 ₱400.00
" Worth every Cent "

When I started using this duo, I was really amazed about what it can do!! It is not scented so it is a guar...

Mischelle 12 months ago

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Big Cupcake Bathtime Soap Trio

The Soap Farm
" Add a tea cup and you get a soap tea party "

It looked bigger than i have expected. It looks cute and very much like what is on the image. Every cupcake...

Gale 11 months ago

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Id Complete Clarifying Kit

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Cheers to pimple-free face! "

I'm really glad to make this purchase! I have a really sensitive skin, and what I mean by sensitive is my s...

Mary Grace over 1 year ago

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Christmas Set 2: Divine Decadence, Green Revolution,...

Bath Junkies
" Love these soaps!! "

I'm a huge fan of organic products, and originally I bought this as a gift, but then it smelled so good and...

Gwyneth 19 days ago

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Holiday Gift Set

Bath Junkies
₱1,100.00 ₱840.00
" Definite bang for your buck! "

I have been a fan of Bath Junkies' Return to Innocence facial wash, and I am just glad for the opportunity ...

Cielo about 1 year ago

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Superskin-Starts-Here Set: Moisture Rich for Dry Skin

VMV Hypoallergenics

Perfect travel size plus a little goes a log way with the product itself! I have oily face on my t zone are...

Paulina about 1 year ago

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Pond’s Dewy Rose Cream 50g with FREE Kabuki Brush

₱445.00 ₱376.00
" Hands Down! "

Hands down to Pond's Dewy Rose Cream. I got a free sample in a sachet when this was first brought out in th...

Crystal 11 months ago

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Perfect Skin Bundle

Snoe Beauty
₱1,944.00 ₱1,645.00
" Snoe's Beauty Bars are worth every penny you pay for "

Snoe's Beauty Bars really set the bar for what every beauty soap should be. Packed with only the safest ing...

Janah 10 months ago

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Pond’s Age Miracle BB+ Cream Beige with FREE Age Mir...

₱499.00 ₱416.00
" Perfect combination "

I have been wanting to try this miracle night cream for the longest time so bought one right away and tried...

Charmaine Cindy 8 months ago

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Expert Moisturization Plus Sun Protection Kit for No...

Celeteque DermoScience
" Best buy! "

I love celeteque dermoscience cause its sensitive skin's best friend,what I love about there product is sun...

Jonalyn about 1 year ago

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Complete Set of My Prime's Organic Soaps with Pili +...

My Prime
" good "

Organic soaps are usually expensive but for this one, I would say that it is pretty much cheaper than the u...

Jan Camille over 1 year ago

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Philippa Luxe Box of 3: Balancing Set (Soap Bars #2,...

" Amazing! "

I love that all the soaps in this set are all infused with peppermint that makes it super soothing to use. ...

Marina over 1 year ago

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Bestselling Argan Skincare Ritual

Josie Maran
" nice gift set "

My mom loves Josie Maran so I gave this beautiful set to her last Christmas. If you know someone who adores...

Beau almost 2 years ago

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Special Black Bundle

Snoe Beauty
" Skin like Snow White "

The scrub mask and the beauty bar are my most favorite items from Snoe's White Special Black line. The spec...

Janah 10 months ago

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