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Bam Balm

Beach Born
" From chapped, dry lips to soft, plump lips! "

After being intrigued about Beach Born's Bam Balm for how many months now, I finally got myself one when I ...

Mara about 1 year ago

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Original Click Stick with SPF 15

" Best for chapped lips "

I tried using other lip balms for my perpetually chapped lips, but I keep coming back to this product. Ther...

Rimina about 2 years ago

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Strawberry Click Stick with SPF 15

" Have a chap free lips with carmex! "

I bought my first carmex lipbalm last june 2015. And eversince I got addicted with this! What I love is it ...

Joyce about 2 years ago

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Bestselling Original Squeeze Tube

" Lives Up to the Hype "

I can't believe this cult product is only a little over P100 and I got it on BMNL at a great discount! It ...

Cristina Maria about 2 years ago

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Vaseline Lip Therapy Advance Formula 10g

" My kind of therapy! "

I have ridiculously dry lips that's prone to cracking regardless of the weather or how much water I drink. ...

Kristine Mae about 2 years ago

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Cult-Fave Original Jar

" Dupe for Rosebud Salve "

Love the fact that this lasts forever. Helps whenever I'm on a flight and my lips feel dry because of the r...

Nikki about 2 years ago

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Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub

Tony Moly
₱348.00 ₱298.00
" Ensures I can wear matte lipstick every single day "

I tend to trust Korean brands because they perfectly understand what beauty means. I have very dry lips - l...

Cybill over 1 year ago

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Soothing Ointment (25g)

Lucas Papaw
" New BFF of my lips "

When I got this product, I was so surprised how big the tube was! This is the biggest lip product I've ever...

Lesley Ann 23 days ago

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Shea Butter Lip Balm

Pixi by Petra
" SUPERB!!!! "

hayyy.. i can't leave the house without this balm. i fell so in-love with this tinted lip balm that i even ...

chimmy 4 months ago

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100% Natural Lip Balm

Human Nature
" Great organic lip balm "

I use this in the plain (no color) mint variant. I get very dry, super chapped lips and for some reason, mo...

Irish 11 months ago

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Lip Scrub (Strawberry Vanilla)

" A must-have for matte lipstick lovers "

This one does the job of exfoliating my lips. It has a strawberry scent that I really like. It also leaves ...

Veronica about 1 year ago

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Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry

" Best Night Time Lip Balm Ever! "

I've been buying Maybelline lip balms for a decade now -- way back when it was still called Lip Smooth -- a...

Claire Mavreen about 2 months ago

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Shiseido Water In Lip Cool Menthol

" Great lip balm "

Simplet yet excellent product. I love putting it at any time of the day. It goes well with any lipstick and...

Mayen about 1 year ago

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Baby Lips Pink Glow


Baby lips Dr rescue is my all time favorite. I've been using it for at least 5 years straight. But now I al...

Arya 3 months ago

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Balm Caresse 2-in-1 Lipstick + Balm

L'Oreal Paris
" Lipstick balm! "

I love the shade Ispahan Rose. It makes my lips look natural. It is kinda heavy on my lips but I like how i...

Rochelle Deanna over 1 year ago

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3-in-1 Mentha Lip Shine

C.O. Bigelow
₱330.00 ₱297.00
" A little goes a long way "

I've used this for a week and I love it. It's not overly greasy on my lips and a little definitely goes a l...

Kristine over 1 year ago

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Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment

Tony Moly
₱478.00 ₱428.00
" Anything snail is the best "

No matter how gorgeous your lipstick is, it won’t be a head turner if you have dry lips. And this has alway...

Vashtie 3 months ago

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Baby Lips Candy Wow

" My lips’ current BFF "

Not one day has passed that I didn’t use this from the day I purchased it. My top 2 faves are Cinnamon and ...

Gelay 24 days ago

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Baby Lips Dr. Rescue


I'VE LOST COUNT ON HOW MANY TIMES I've repurchased this baby. I started using Baby Lips balms when it becam...

Arya 7 months ago

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Shiseido Water In Lip SPF 18 UV Care

" There Is Always that First Time "

I'm not very patient esp when the product doesn't deliver what it claims. So, I have yet to name a product ...

DJUHARA 13 days ago

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