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Honey Sleeping Pack

Holika Holika
" This is so amaaazing! "

This is my first sleeping pack as I'm searching for a good sleeping pack this caught my attention because I...

Dannah Marelle over 1 year ago

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Water Sleeping Pack_EX

" great "

so effective!! i love this product so much. laneige products are all great especially this one. my face is...

angelica about 1 month ago

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Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema Sleeping Cream

" For the sleep deprived!!!! "

I use this with the c20 serum and let me say.... in 3 days it made my skin glowing even if i only had 4 hrs...

Bianca over 1 year ago

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Guerisson 9-Complex Cream

₱850.00 ₱520.00
" the best all around product!! "

I used to have very dry skin to the point that I can see flakes and my face looks like it is peeling. When ...

bella over 1 year ago

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Transformative Night Cream

My Prime
" Wow! "

I love how hydrating this feels on my skin! I always look forward to putting this on my face at night. I al...

Lindsey over 2 years ago

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White Wedding Sleeping Essence

Banila Co.
" Woke up like this. ;) "

My old skin care routine consisted of just cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I thought that was enough, b...

Grazielle over 1 year ago

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Pond's Age Miracle Night Cream 50ml

₱725.00 ₱363.00
" Must have!!! "

This night cream is amazing! The first time I applied it, I could see how effective it would be on my skin ...

Kat about 1 year ago

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The Green Tea Seed Cream

₱1,190.00 ₱740.00
" The best!!!! "

This one + the green tea cleanser is the combo you need for soft skin!!! I hate using moisturizers because ...

Frances 5 months ago

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Advanced Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Night Cream

Celeteque DermoScience
" forever young "

Im turning 30 next year. And before that age appears on my face, i still use products to slow down aging. A...

AM over 1 year ago

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Nourishing Sleep Mask

Pixi by Petra
" Pampering "

I love using this for my nightly routine since it is super amazing on the skin. It makes me feel stress fre...

Dinne about 1 year ago

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Olay Natural Rich White All In One Fairness Night Cream

" Favorite pair of day moisturizer 😉 "

What I really liked about this Olay product is that it is a pair. You don't just buy either of the two: it'...

Fhea 3 months ago

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Pond's Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream (10g)

" Worth trying! ❤ "

This is one of the most affordable night creams I've ever tried and I absolutely love it. It's light and qu...

Vannessa 6 months ago

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Firming Sleeping Pack

" sleepy night "

When i started using korean products i always look for laneige brand. Ive tested their products and i can s...

AM about 1 year ago

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Vitamin Tree Water-Gel

I'm From
₱1,175.00 ₱1,055.00
" If your face would have a favorite drink, it would be this. "

It wouldn't matter anymore if it has a weird brand name because all that would matter after using this is y...

Rhods 8 days ago

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Snail Memory Shape Jelly Pack

" Finally, a Perfect Moisturizer for my Sensitive Skin! "

I tried a lot of moisturizers and sleeping pack here in Beauty MNL. Some are effective and I'm quite satisf...

Joy 14 days ago

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The Anti-Gravity Cream

" Huxley Fan! "

I love Huxley products, they're made of the best quality and are very effective. I have been using this for...

Mischelle Loren about 1 month ago

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Dear Hydration Sleeping Mask

Banila Co.

I cannot rave enough on this product. Bandila has never disappointed me but this product took my love for t...

Anna 25 days ago

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Milk Shape Memory Jelly Pack

" My go-to night gel "

Been using this for almost 4 months now as the last step of my nightly skincare routine to seal in the prod...

Alyssa 3 months ago

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Sleep Mask Goodnight

" FRESH! "

This is like 8 hours of sleep in a tube. I'm obsessed with sleeping masks because they truly make all the d...

Isabella 3 months ago

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Night Regimen Bundle

Snoe Beauty
₱2,345.00 ₱2,096.00
" Be beautiful with Snoe! "

I love Snoe products eversince! This set is a must have. I've been using these products for almost 2 months...

Danica Marie about 1 month ago

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