Top Reviewed Products for Makeup Removers

Micellar Water 4-in-1

" Great Cleansing Toner "

I wasn't sure at first what this is for but bought one anyway. So, I used it as a makeup remover but mostly...

Ann 11 months ago

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Cleansing Oil

" Use it daily "

I love this! It removes makeup almost effortlessly, even mascara, and it doesn't sting the eyes. It doesn't...

Erika about 1 year ago

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Micellar Water Refreshing 3-in-1

L'Oreal Paris
" Too bad they are not cruelry free :( "

I have tried a lot of makeup remover thingy. Korean brands, local, cream, gel, oil you name them. This is o...

Golda 6 months ago

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Simple Micellar Water 200ml

" Worth the splurge! "

It's my first time to use micellar water and I just wanted to try it to see what the hype is all about. Aft...

Pamela Grace 9 months ago

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Ponds Washable Cold Cream 270g

" Great when you use it the right way "

Love love using this product. It makes my skin very soft afterwards. For the people that get breakouts afte...

Arielle 9 months ago

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Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Pink (125ml)

" Perfect for lazy girls! "

I hate washing my face at night; I always have a hard time sleeping after. So, for a long time, I'd been us...

angela 2 months ago

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Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Blue (125ml)

" This one is a keeper! "

It's cheap and it lives up to its claims. What more can a girl ask for? It's the perfect clenser for sensit...

Dominique 7 months ago

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Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Blue (400ml)

" Favorite Miscellar Water ! "

I love this!!!! I've tried several miscellar water w/c always felt a bit harsh and hard on my skin but Garn...

Jennifer 6 months ago

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Makeup Cleansing Tissue

" Very affordable "

This pack of Makeup Cleansing Tissue by Lioele comes in 30 pieces. It is very affordable compared to other...

Camilla over 1 year ago

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Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (70ml)


This is by far my go to makeup remover for my eye makeup! It dissolves any waterproof products in an instan...

Carissa Bernadette 8 months ago

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Daily Garden Olive Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Holika Holika
" thumbs up "

The best make up remover on the market. Pretty affordable at its price. Im really hooked with korean brand ...

mitch 9 months ago

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Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Pink (400ml)

" Great for sensitive skin and value for money! "

I've always had very sensitive and dry skin, but it got worse when I moved somewhere with gross tap water (...

Erika 6 days ago

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Simple Dual Effect Eye Make Up Remover 125ml

" Best Eye Make-up Remover "

Out of all the eye make-up removers I tried, this is my favorite one. I've tried the ones from Maybelline a...

Ann 8 months ago

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Nippon Skincare Duo

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱450.00 ₱400.00
" Worth every Cent "

When I started using this duo, I was really amazed about what it can do!! It is not scented so it is a guar...

Mischelle 12 months ago

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Aroma Washable Cleansing Lotion

" Clean in a jiffy "

I go home tired and so I don't like doing all the steps to cleansing. This product however, makes everythin...

Karen about 1 year ago

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Multi Cleanser

" All in one cleanser!! "

Got a sample size of this and i’m hooked! It does brighten my face after my first wash and i also love the ...

Mary Abigail 25 days ago

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Softymo Speedy Foaming Cleansing Liquid

KOSÉ Cosmeport
" One of your saving grace before you Sleep "

I typically use any facial wash I see available in our bathroom. My friends then thought of ramping up our ...

Charmie Mae about 1 year ago

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Nourish & Cleanse Balm

In Her Element
" Great multitasking balm "

This balm is so nice it's a little pricey but will surely a must have on your vanity. I use the balm as lip...

Lyn 8 months ago

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Clean It Zero Radiance

Banila Co.
" Best cleanser! "

I loooove this. Aside from effectively cleaning/melting the make-up and gunk (including pollutants, sunbloc...

Tina over 1 year ago

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Micellar Cleansing Water: Oil Control

" Miracle water indeed! "

Love love love this product!!! I use it at night to cleanse my face and to get rid of all the dirt and prod...

Jasmin 4 months ago

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