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Collagen Eye Zone Mask

" Unexpected! "

I thought this one isn't gonna work (where will you find 30 sheets of eye mask for 100 bucks?!). But then a...

Yen almost 2 years ago

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Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

₱800.00 ₱560.00
" Best paired with CosRX BHA "

This sucks the gunk out of pores without stripping your skin dry. I follow 50shadesofsnail's advise on clea...

Kay 9 months ago

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It's Real Squeeze Tea Tree Mask

" Thumbs up! "

As a med student, i spend countless nights getting as little as 3-4 hours of sleep. I knew i needed somethi...

Diane 7 months ago

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It's Real Squeeze Lime Mask

" Fantastic! "

This face mask really lightened and moisturised my face when I got back from a short trip to the beach. The...

Patricia about 2 years ago

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Collagen Mask

" First time user "

I bought this collagen mask out of curiosity...when I tried it,I was really amazed...I felt that my skin wa...

Toni 4 months ago

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Green Tea Mask

" Bye-bye Redness!! "

I have saved this mask for a real emergency such as pimple outbreaks and extreme redness of the face. I was...

Kathrina 6 months ago

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It's Real Squeeze Rose Mask

" HG Sheet Mask! "

Totally in love with this mask! Especially the smell, and its effect on my skin afterwards. It leaves my sk...

Alfred 8 months ago

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Pomegranate Mask

" It works! "

If you live in an area that has dry air then this is a great product for you. Your skin will soak up all th...

Cyril 18 days ago

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Cucumber Mask

" Love! "

I have been uisng this particular face sheet from Baroness for quite some time now and I always like the re...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Deep Detox Black Mask

" Loved by everyone! "

Everyone should stock up on this. This mask is incredible! I advise that you use it after cleansing and you...

Wilma 12 months ago

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Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet

Tony Moly
" For glowing skin :) "

I hoarded these face mask sheets a while back since they are super cheap and I tend to use one mask twice b...

Bettina 12 months ago

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It's Real Squeeze Cucumber Mask

" Effective mask "

I love innisfree masks because they're effective and affordable! This cucumber mask is super refreshing and...

Tishy 3 months ago

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Tomato Facial Mask

Skin Genie
" Tomato Luvin' !!! <3 "

Perfect for the recovering-from-the-haggardness-from-finals phase!! The scent is a little bit bothering how...

Ace 8 months ago

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It's Real Squeeze Bamboo Mask

" Best mask "

Innisfree sells the best masks ever! That’s why when my friend was in Korea, I asked her to kindly buy me d...

Dinne 10 months ago

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Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask

Beauty Bakery
" Miracle Scrub indeed! "

Yes! You've read it right! MIRACLE SCRUB indeed. I've tried several facial scrubs in the market but this on...

Ciele 4 months ago

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Detoxifying Mask + Scrub (100g)

Human Nature
" 2 in 1! "

I first loved the fact that it's 100% natural and then that it acts in 2 ways: a wash and a mask! Super nic...

Carol 4 months ago

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Volcanic Cluster Capsule Recipe Pack

₱125.00 ₱90.00
" Favorite clay mask <3 "

I love how these packs are packaged in cute, tiny containers (good for girls like me who want to try out a ...

Carmela 11 months ago

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Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

₱880.00 ₱792.00
" Definitely recommend!! For quick results :-) "

Definitely recommend this product! I use it as an overnight mask and when I wash it off in the morning, you...

Cath 9 months ago

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Aqua Keeper Panda Mask

" 10/10 "

This mask feels great on my skin! I put it in the refrigerator first so it feels extra cooling and nice on...

Samantha 4 months ago

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Black Sugar Mask

₱645.00 ₱330.00
" Smooth as a baby's bottoms! 😍 "

Worth the hype! I've been hearing about this product for a while now and everyone is raving about it! I got...

Daniella Faye 2 months ago

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