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Medicated Baby Powder

" This solves my oily skin problem :) "

Another favorite! It really does absorb oil and because it is white there's no trouble applying it on and m...

Ayn Rand almost 2 years ago

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Golden Cup Balm in Tin Cup (4g)

Golden Cup
" fastest clogged nose remedy "

i got this a freebie with my last purchase (thank you, beautymnl!). i was suffering from a form of nasal al...

Ces over 1 year ago

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Emu Skin Perfecting Cream

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Loving it! "

I've been using this cream for almost four years now, and it hasn't failed me, I usually get it from the sa...

Anna Francesca 12 months ago

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Acne Defense Solution Gel (20g)

Human Nature
" Must have! "

Since I'm a sucker for spot treatments, I gave this one a try. Among all the spot treatments that I've used...

Stephanie about 2 months ago

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Golden Cup Balm in Bottle (12g)

Golden Cup
" Did Not Expect I Would Like It "

I originally got this as a sample/freebie from BeautyMNL. While I thought the tiny tin can was cute, it was...

Kenstar over 1 year ago

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Id Monolaurin Gel (120ml)

VMV Hypoallergenics
" can prep, tone, mattify, disinfect, soothe, heal "

i'm never without a bottle of this on my vanity. it does several things for me. i use it on my t-zone and c...

Ces about 2 years ago

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 106g

" It changed my life! HAHA :D "

to start with, i had this severe chap, dry and bloody lips (very ugly). i used tons of lip balms, lip thera...

Dianarra Rose over 1 year ago

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Golden Cup Balm in Tin Cup (8g)

Golden Cup
" This is GOLD! "

I cannot leave home without this. I don't need to feel pain in order to feel its benefits. It is just so re...

Cyril 2 months ago

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Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips (Pack of 40)

" Debs "

This product really works. I have naturally yellow teeth for the past two decades so I tried this after hea...

Deborah over 1 year ago

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Cocoa Butter Formula® Tummy Butter

" Effectively prevents stretch marks! "

First of all, this smells soo yummy! I love applying it when I was pregnant because of the smell. 😊 It is r...

OC about 1 year ago

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Cooling Tea Tree Deodorant Spray Lotion (100ml)

" My HG deo! "

The search is over! I finally found my HG deo after trying countless deo products. As a marketing professio...

Justine 6 months ago

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Secret Platinum Powder Fresh Anti-Perspirant & Deodo...

" Love "

My deo since always! This was recommended by a friend to me back in high school and I have been using it ev...

Jiane 12 months ago

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Cocoa Butter Formula® Firming Butter


I developed lots of stretch marks on my legs when I was in high school, and this is the primary reason why ...

Bianca 12 months ago

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Solid VCO All-Natural, All-Around Balm

" life problems? *rubs coconut oil on life* "

I bought one in sm manila and on the way home I rubbed a little on my knees while sitting in the jeepney. G...

Fatima almost 2 years ago

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Shoo! Quadru-Essential Insect Repellent

V&M Naturals
" Smells great and works well "

I get bitten by bugs more often than anyone else, God knows why. I recently had a bad dengue fever which wa...

Yna about 1 month ago

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Golden Cup Balm in Bottle (50g)

Golden Cup
" Best balm for me "

I love love love this product. It smells good and has just the right amount of menthol that feels good on s...

Maria Emmalie about 1 month ago

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High Endurance Dry Cream Fresh

Old Spice

My boyfriend uses this and it smells so so good. Most girls swoon over their guys' cologne but with this, n...

Jenny 11 months ago

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Illuminants+ Axillight: Treatment Antiperspirant

VMV Hypoallergenics
" really whitens "

Bought this a year ago when i suffer from dark underarms due to some ingredients of the deodorant that im u...

MM about 1 year ago

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Dove Deodorant Spray Powder Soft 169ml

" I’m impressed! "

Been using this for two weeks now and so far I’m really liking the results. I stopped using deodorant a few...

April 18 days ago

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Dove Deodorant Spray Original 70ml

" Keeps all body odor at bay! "

I really love this deodorant because I never have to worry about any body odor whenever I use it. You only ...

Raya 8 months ago

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