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Top Reviewed Products for Hands & Feet

Organic Green Tea & Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

Made by David Organics
" Best hand sanitizer "

I love the scent of this hand sanitizer! The combination of Green tea & lemon grass is very soothing and ma...

Kat 6 months ago

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Organic Grapefruit & Sage Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

Made by David Organics
" Value for money and Lovely!!! "

This one's a bang! Aside from keeping your hands sanitised, it has this fantastic smell that even my husban...

Donnamey 29 days ago

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Organic Orange & Ginger Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

Made by David Organics
" A kikay sanitizer for the whole family "

I ordered this at the beginning of the year and has already emptied out the 50 ml in a month. I love the sc...

Nine almost 2 years ago

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Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

" Perfect for travel! "

I have excessively dry hands and it is terrible especially when I travel to colder places. In my recent tri...

Kris 12 months ago

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Lavender Hand Cream

" First Love "

This started my love for hand lotions. I got this when I was around 18 and I haven't stopped using hand lot...

Giselle 7 months ago

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Almond Delicious Hands Hand Cream

" Favorite hand cream "

This is by far my favorite hand cream of all time. Not only does it smell really good but it is also very e...

Jennifer 7 months ago

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Essence Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Mini (20ml)

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Thumbs up! "

My hands get dried and itchy whenever I use hand sanitizers. But with VMV hypoallergenics hand gel, my hand...

Ann 9 months ago

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Energizing Citrus Pocket Soap (50ml)

Human Nature
" A product you cant help but love ❤️💕 "

I am a mom and whenever Im outside with my baby it is important that my hands are always clean especially w...

magnolia 24 days ago

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Shea Butter Foot Cream

" Spa in a tube "

great foot cream. Really works for foot callouses and cracked and dry foot. After a few days of use it will...

Kat 6 months ago

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Apple Pocket Soap (50ml)

Human Nature
" nifty little soap <3 "

I LOVE TO LUG THIS AROUND! it's small, lightweight and smells amazing. never dried out my hands and I can a...

Kate 23 days ago

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Strawberry Hand & Foot Salve (New Formulation) (50g)

Human Nature
" Love it! "

Really love this lotion! Love the smell and how it gets easily absorbed by the skin. I'm a sucker for hand ...

Mau 2 months ago

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Spa Hand & Nail Cream (244ml)

H2O Plus
₱945.00 ₱756.00
" it did "

When i suffered from dry hands and cracked nails i put different lotions that would somehow made an instant...

AM 8 months ago

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Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Advanced Repair Hand ...

" Nice "

I love that this product is unscented. It is very useful for me on school days when the air con is on high ...

Kimmy 2 months ago

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Spa Hand & Nail Cream (180ml)

H2O Plus
₱840.00 ₱672.00
" My Everyday Spa Hand & Nail Cream! "

This has been my regular spa cream for my hand & nails. It is good for everyday use since the cream is no...

Vivian almost 2 years ago

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AI Foot Cream (75ml)

" Calloused feet be gone! "

I am allergic to leather footwear, but I love wearing them anyway hence I suffer from calloused and cracked...

Tsin 11 months ago

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Olive Hand & Body Lotion

" My evening body moisturizer... "

Zenutrients hand and body lotion is among my top of the list organic products! I use this product before g...

pia marie 7 months ago

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Energizing Citrus Hand Soap (490ml)

Human Nature
" Frutos!! 🍬 "

It smells like frutos!! Shucks! I am so addicted to this smell. ❤️ I love the fact it doesn't dry my hands ...

Christine about 1 month ago

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White Ginger Hydrating Hand Wash

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱300.00 ₱250.00
" Smells heavenly! "

This Nippon White Ginger hand wash makes me feel excited to wash my hands! It smells so good and yummy! Plu...

Kris 11 months ago

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Shea Butter Foot Cream (Dry Skin)

₱1,650.00 ₱1,485.00
" You get what you paid for! "

When it comes to softening creams, I really recommend L'occitane's Shea Butter line; I haven't tried their ...

Iya 4 months ago

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Apple Hand Soap (490ml)

Human Nature
" 👍👍 "

First of all, i looove the scent. Been a fan of human nature products, and this is another addition to my f...

angelyn about 2 months ago

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