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Top Reviewed Products for Body Wash

Dove Body Wash Deeply Nourishing 400ml

" Clean and moisturized! "

I love using this body wash because it just makes my body clean but still moisturized at the same time. It ...

Kristielle about 2 months ago

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Dove Body Wash Gentle Exfoliating 400ml

" Smells so good and very moisturizing! "

This one is a must have! So far, this is my favorite body wash <3 I’ve been using this for a month now, and...

Maydee 21 days ago

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Dove Body Wash Go Freshcool Moisture 400ml

" Super Amazed "

It claims to give “softer, smoother skin after one shower (compared to skin before shower),” I feel it stan...

Alfren Kristson about 1 month ago

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Dove Body Wash Go Freshenergize 400ml

" Buy it na! "

As im writing this now, its out of stock. But if you are reading this while its available you might want to...

Golda 4 months ago

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Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extracts Body Wash

" It makes me want to take a shower every hour! "

It smells soooo good! I now look forward to bathing because of this body wash. Haha. My skin just feels so ...

Angela Mariz 6 months ago

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Soothe Body Wash Set (2 Bottles, 208mL each)

₱170.00 ₱143.00
" Indulge using a great scented body wash "

Whenever I feel like I wanted to indulge, I would use this body wash with my scrub and I would feel really ...

Anne Christiane 2 months ago

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Goat’s Milk Double Moisturising & Brightening Shower...

" Bath time staple! "

Been using this since last year, the giant bottle lasts awhile. I just bought my second bottle. I love how ...

Kristine 8 months ago

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Olay Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash

" Love it! "

I love the scent and how my skin feels whenever I use this product, It's affordable too

Kristine Kay almost 2 years ago

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Olay Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile Body Wash

" Super Moisturizing Olay "

When it comes to body wash, Dove and Olay are my top 2 brands :) Olay Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile Bod...

cris 9 months ago

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Lux Body Wash Magical Spell 250ml

" Smells heavenly 💕 "

Really really love the smell of their magical spell collection!!! It feels so relaxing to use and also well...

Alo about 1 month ago

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Peppermint Bath & Shower Gel

Avalon Organics
₱389.00 ₱310.00
" Refreshing and cooling "

The peppermint lured me to try this and it did not disappoint. It's smells a little minty with a cooling e...

Mary Ann 7 months ago

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Olay Clean Moisture with Coconut Milk Body Wash

" Moisturizing! "

I really enjoyed this body wash. It made my skin feel moisturized and fresh after bath. The scent is nice. ...

Sheryl Jaymee 3 months ago

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High Endurance Body Wash Fresh

Old Spice
" Not just for guys "

I love the scent of old spice so much, it's manly but women can also use it as sort of an unusual fragrance...

Gia 4 months ago

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Papaya Double Moisturizing & Brightening Shower Cream

" I'm In-love! "

I can't get enough of how yummy this shower cream smells! It's an invigorating way to start the day yet it...

mary anne over 1 year ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Purifying Sea Salt 13.5oz

St. Ives
" I noticed a micro-peeling effect on my skin but I never have I dry feeling :) "

I have already tried a very expensive sea salt scrub, but now that I’ve found this sea salt body wash I thi...

Marimel about 1 year ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Nourishing Vanilla 13.5oz

St. Ives
" Smells like heaven <3 "

This body wash smells soooo heavenly. I love the vanilla scent, which is why I bought this. Too my surprise...

Aletheia 23 days ago

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Sweet Pea & Violet Body Wash

" Heaven "

The best thing about this product is the scent. I love how this makes me feel and smell like I'm the cleane...

Denise over 1 year ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Smooth & Glow Apricot 13.5oz

St. Ives
" Plumpy skin!:) "

I have been a fan of st. Ives products for so many years, from their facial wash and scrubs to lotions and ...

Angelyn about 2 months ago

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Peppermint Moisturizing Castile Soap

Casa de Lorenzo
" Fresh! "

I absolutely love this product. The texture is great, it smells fantastic, and it leaves your skin feeling ...

martina over 1 year ago

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Your Summer Shower Essential: Super Cool Sea Breeze ...

" Cool and Refreshing "

Kudos to super speedy delivery, my orders came in the very next day. This body wash is lightly scented, not...

Yshkael 14 days ago

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