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Dove Body Wash Deeply Nourishing 400ml

" My kind of body wash ❤ "

Love this nourishing body wash so much!!! I prefer to leave this on my skin for about 5 minutes and then st...

LJ 26 days ago

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Dove Body Wash Gentle Exfoliating 400ml

" Gentle "

Exfoliating yet very gentle on the skin. Super smooth and baby skin after wash. Perfect for all skin types....

Dianne about 1 month ago

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Dove Body Wash Go Freshcool Moisture 400ml

" smells sooo good!! "

Unlike most of Dove's body wash variants, this one doesn't have a creamy consistency, but rather has a wate...

Patricia 27 days ago

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Dove Body Wash Go Freshenergize 400ml

" Wakes You Up! "

I use this in the mornings and it's refreshing to smell something citrus-y when your eyes are still bleary....

Isabelle 6 days ago

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Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extracts Body Wash

" Yey "

200 ml for 115 pesos. WOW. Olay does not disappoint sa ganitong mga pa-beauty products nila. Really lathers...

Dianne about 1 month ago

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Goat’s Milk Double Moisturising & Brightening Shower...

" Bath time staple! "

Been using this since last year, the giant bottle lasts awhile. I just bought my second bottle. I love how ...

Kristine about 1 year ago

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Olay Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash

" Love it! "

I love the scent and how my skin feels whenever I use this product, It's affordable too

Kristine Kay over 2 years ago

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Papaya Double Moisturizing & Brightening Shower Cream

" I'm In-love! "

I can't get enough of how yummy this shower cream smells! It's an invigorating way to start the day yet it...

mary anne about 2 years ago

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Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture

" Pure love for dis! "

Only amazing reviews for this bath wash! Unlike other brands, this one really feels super moisturizing on t...

Thea 20 days ago

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Olay Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile Body Wash

" Relaxation to the nth level "

I super love the how it foams up, i love the smell of it. It feels and smell very relaxingmaybe because of ...

Debra Mae 5 months ago

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Peppermint Bath & Shower Gel

Avalon Organics
₱389.00 ₱310.00
" literally cool! "

I tried this shower gel because my friends liked it. I love the cooling sensation that it gives. It makes m...

Bea 4 months ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Purifying Sea Salt 13.5oz

St. Ives
" I noticed a micro-peeling effect on my skin but I never have I dry feeling :) "

I have already tried a very expensive sea salt scrub, but now that I’ve found this sea salt body wash I thi...

Marimel over 1 year ago

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High Endurance Body Wash Fresh

Old Spice
" Not just for guys "

I love the scent of old spice so much, it's manly but women can also use it as sort of an unusual fragrance...

Gia 11 months ago

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Peppermint Moisturizing Castile Soap

Casa de Lorenzo
" Fresh! "

I absolutely love this product. The texture is great, it smells fantastic, and it leaves your skin feeling ...

martina about 2 years ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Smooth & Glow Apricot 13.5oz

St. Ives
" Holy Grail Body Wash "

I'm looking for a body wash to use at night and I came down to St. Ives since I've been also using the Apri...

Micaela Mae 3 months ago

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Calamansi Manila Castile Soap

Casa de Lorenzo
" What a surprise! "

I read a bloom article about this soap. The soap you never knew you needed. Or something to that effect. I ...

Mary Gold about 1 month ago

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Gentle Berry Body Wash (200ml)

Human Nature
" For every member of the family! "

My whole family is obsessed with this! It smells soooo good! Most of my family members have sensitive skin,...

Charlene about 1 month ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Nourishing Vanilla 13.5oz

St. Ives
" Smells like heaven <3 "

This body wash smells soooo heavenly. I love the vanilla scent, which is why I bought this. Too my surprise...

Aletheia 8 months ago

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St. Ives Body Wash Even And Bright Pink Lemon and Ma...

St. Ives
" Awesome "

This St. Ives Body Wash is amazing. I love this so much. I know there's a facial scrub variant of this Even...

Claudia over 1 year ago

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Sweet Pea & Violet Body Wash

" More than satisfieeeed! "

I am a swimmer and by any means, I try to keep my bag small. Bringing a bar soap in a case already consumes...

Angel 4 months ago

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