Top Reviewed Products for Body Scrubs

Smoothening Coffee Body Scrub

" In love with this... "

Loving this coffee body scrub!! When I take a bath, cant help but fall in love with the sweet and aromatic ...

LJ 10 days ago

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Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub for Face and Body

Skin Genie
" Surprisingly awesome and addicting "

If any product is worth a rave here (there are lots, but just go with this), it's this scrub. Initially I w...

Joma 4 months ago

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Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub (190g)

Human Nature
" A Must Have Body Scrub!!! "

Im currently using this Human Nature Coffee and vanilla body scrub..first of all, I love the smell it leave...

LJ about 1 month ago

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Luxurious Goat’s Milk & Oatmeal Body Scrub

" Yey "

Goat's milk is love. Sobrang exfoliating and naka-clear talaga ng balat. Organic din kaya great for sensiti...

Dianne 10 days ago

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Sea Luxe Body Scrub

Sirene Essentials
" Fave scrub! "

I look forward to using this scrub esp at times when I need to relax or on a hot day. I noticed that it's r...

Daphne 12 days ago

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Clear y Rosy (100g)

V&M Naturals
" Worth it!!! "

I love using this on my face and body. I can see my skin gets radiant right after using. And my body feels ...

Rosalie about 1 month ago

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Sweet Sugar Body Scrub and Facial Mask

" Sweet sleep "

I mainly used this for my body and I just love the sweet scent. It makes me want to bite myself every time ...

Pao over 1 year ago

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Hot Burning Set

" My skin feels smoother "

My skin definitely feels smoother after use. I prefer the body scrub than the gel but both products can smo...

Karen Dulce about 1 year ago

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Goat's Milk Scrub

Hello Gorgeous
" this left me smiling "

Super impressed BeautyMnl! Ordered early morning and received it in the afternoon! Was excited to use it ri...

Amy 17 days ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Scrub with Charcoal, Witch Hazel...

Skin Genie
" Smells amazing! "

I got this as a gift and was really surprised by how much I loved it! I've used a couple of Skin Genie prod...

Bash about 1 month ago

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Aromatherapy Bath Salts Sack (100g)

Bulgarian Rose
" love it! "

bought a couple since I was so curious about the rave! used it upon receiving it! first i was skeptic since...

abi 6 months ago

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Decadent Coffee and Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Jarful of Goodness
" Perfect pick-me-up "

Ever have days when you just wanna douse yourself in coffee? Here you go! (HAHAHA) No but really, using thi...

Isobel 6 months ago

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Pamper Me! Sugar Scrub

Jarful of Goodness
" I love it :) "

Have received it today and I use it right away. It smells so good. 😊 it's so addicting it's like I made a d...

Noemi about 2 months ago

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Body & Bath Set

Lauren & Brie
" Value fo Money "

Got this as a last minute gift for my officemate, and she loved it! Not only is the packaging and bottles p...

Cristine 2 months ago

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Hi Bye Vita-Peel Clear Pad

Banila Co.
" Try it! Who nose, you might just like it! "

Got this from a friend of mine who sent me samples of this, and wow I can't wait to ask for more hahah! Ins...

Ellis 29 days ago

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Aster Detox Scrub

Pink Beautiq International
₱450.00 ₱430.00
" True to its claim! "

I love how it makes my skin very much clean and removes my skin impurities.I only use this 2-3x a week and ...

Jurain over 1 year ago

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Sugar Scrub (Sweet Citrus)

" Too good to be true! "

This is like spa in my house! This is non irritating and good for the skin which I truly love. It exfoliate...

Zaira Mae over 1 year ago

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Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub

Skin Genie
" Brightens and exfoliates and is gentle "

I really like this scrub. You can feel the beads but they are not rough to the sensitive skin of the pits. ...

Marjorie about 1 year ago

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Decadent Body Scrub

Beauty Bakery
" Deliciously good scrub! "

This scrub is so delicious! I mean deliciously smelling! My skin felt softer after each use! I use this 3x ...

Christine 13 days ago

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Milk & Vanilla Sea Salt Scrub

Beauty Bakery
" Exfoliates gently "

It exfoliates my skin gently. I love its packaging and that it comes with a spoon for hygienic purposes.

Cy over 2 years ago

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