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Papaya Kojic Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱90.00 ₱80.00
" Good Product "

Before, I use a moisturizing soap after I use a whitening soap. Whitening soaps could often cause dry skin....

Nildane Frances about 1 year ago

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Skin-Lightening Triple Rice Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Worth stocking up on! "

I've been using this soap variant for a while now and I love it! I've stopped using loofahs since I've read...

Christine Lynn almost 2 years ago

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Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Essential "

I bought this product for the kids as they are all suffering from severe dry skin growing up. Their dermato...

Caterrie about 2 years ago

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Luscious Argan Oil Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Wonder Worker! "

I have contact dermatitis, and as much as I try to avoid putting on ointments with steroids as much as poss...

Anya about 1 year ago

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Papaya Bearberry Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Perfect for my skin! "

It was really funny how I got this product… because I originally ordered for papaya bearberry lotion and go...

pia marie 11 months ago

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Lavender Mint Cleansing Bar

Human Nature
" Clean and Relax "

I am a registered dealer of HN since 2011 and been using and loving their products since then. I have these...

Donna 7 months ago

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Aloe Jojoba Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Addicted to aloe "

Yes, I'm an addict. I'm addicted to any soaps, body washes, soothing gels and any product with aloe. When ...

Monette 9 months ago

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Papaya Goat's Milk Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱90.00 ₱80.00
" My husband loves it! "

We received this as a Christmas gift from one of my husband's cousins. We already finished the soap so I th...

Cindy Liza 11 months ago

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Lemon Zest Soap (120g)

Human Nature
" Reminds Me Of Perla "

Me and boyfriend loves this soap a lot. I often buy Human Nature soaps because it is locally-made and is c...

Marisse about 2 months ago

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Strawberry Exfoliating Bar Soap (120g)

Human Nature
" Strawberry yogurt! "

This smells like strawberry yogurt—so yummy! The scrub particles are fine enough that they don't scratch th...

Irish 5 months ago

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Cooling Cucumber Glycerin

" One of the most satisfying soaps ever! "

Since I made the switch to organic bar soaps on cleansing my face, I've seen a significant difference on my...

Jessica 24 days ago

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Delicious Milk & Honey Soap

" for the ever sensitive skin! "

I have sensitive skin so I'm really careful about trying soaps. Decided to try this cause its organic and a...

angelyn 6 months ago

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Fresh Start Cucumber & Lemon Soap

" Relaxing "

I really like the smell of this soap. Very relaxing and energizing. I love using this soap eveyday. It is w...

ivy about 1 year ago

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Pili Bath Soap

" Really works! "

I love, love, love this soap! I was given this recently as a gift and so far, it really works! My skin has ...

Patricia almost 2 years ago

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Complete Set of My Prime's Organic Soaps with Pili +...

My Prime
" good "

Organic soaps are usually expensive but for this one, I would say that it is pretty much cheaper than the u...

Jan Camille over 1 year ago

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Exfoliating Soap with Pili + Moringa Oils

My Prime
" Need "

This cleanser is such a mild and light formula. I never have irritations when I use this yet it cleanses re...

Dinne 12 months ago

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Facial Soap with Pili + Moringa Oils

My Prime
" perfect on the face "

I am always on the look out for new beauty products, and this one has been my favorite ever since I got a h...

Rica over 1 year ago

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Philippa Luxe Box of 3: Balancing Set (Soap Bars #2,...

" Amazing! "

I love that all the soaps in this set are all infused with peppermint that makes it super soothing to use. ...

Marina almost 2 years ago

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Milk Pearl Soap: 2 Minute Instant Whitening

" super effective ! "

I used this together with perfect white soap by promise . I first used this for 2-3 minutes, then rinse bef...

Michelle about 2 months ago

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Lavender Castile Soap

Jarful of Goodness
" Satisfied customer! "

I bought this product last week and I must say that this soap is all natural and it really moisturizes my s...

Sheila Marie 4 months ago

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