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Top Reviewed Products for Facial Care

Grape Stem Cell Whitening Ampoule

" Heaven Sent! "

I love this!!! I was really looking for a serum to brighten my face until i came across this product. My fa...

Noemi 10 months ago

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Acne Defense Solution Gel (20g)

Human Nature
" foreve fave "

I never believed this at first because I felt there isnt any effect, but after using it for a very long tim...

Julian Lucas 17 days ago

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Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE (50ml)

Human Nature
" THIS! "

The first time I used Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil was when I was in high school. I have so many str...

Alexa 8 months ago

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Detoxifying Mask + Scrub (100g)

Human Nature
" 2 in 1! "

I first loved the fact that it's 100% natural and then that it acts in 2 ways: a wash and a mask! Super nic...

Carol 3 months ago

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Soothing & Repairing Essence

Aloe Derma
" Gentle yet effective relief "

This product helped heal a lot of flaky, painful, itchy skin around my lip area while simultaneously provid...

Lexi almost 2 years ago

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Nourishing Toner (200ml)

Human Nature
" Really nourishing! "

As with every human heart nature products,it never fails to dissappoint me.I've been using this for about t...

Jean 9 months ago

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Facial Oil In One (Light) - All Natural Moisturizer

" Organic all the way! "

Organic all the way! I've been using the Keeping it light facial oil for a month already. It's been a happy...

Norina over 1 year ago

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Hydrating Creamy Facial Wash (200ml)

Human Nature
" Repurchase? YES! "

Dry skin represent! With my skin type, let's just say I'm very basic with my facial wash needs, Number one,...

mrs 5 months ago

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Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil (20mL)

Lumiere Organiceuticals
₱1,200.00 ₱999.00
" Awesome moisturizer and overall anti-aging product "

I purchased this because I thought I saw premature lines forming on my forehead and RHO is famed for its mo...

Andrea 10 months ago

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After Sun Repairing Mask

Aloe Derma
₱600.00 ₱540.00
" Highly Recommended! "

Let me just put this out there that this is such a skin saver. I used this on my niece's skin last year whe...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Oil-Fighting Face Wash (100ml)

Human Nature
" Icy cool! "

I really have an oily face and everyday I'm afraid to show off my face to my friends. Oily face can lead to...

Oliver 2 months ago

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Daily Moisturizing Cream

Aloe Derma
" Great for Trips to Cold Weather Places! "

Super hydrating, perfect for trips to cold weather places where your skin tends to really dry up! This save...

Beatriz over 1 year ago

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Facial Oil In One (Smooth) - All Natural Moisturizer

" Thumbs up ♥ "

It does wonders to your skin. I actually love how it feels when you apply it and it easily gets absorb whic...

Ricelle 12 months ago

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Hydrating Toner (200ml)

Human Nature
" Value for money! "

Matagal bago maubos and gentle lang sa face. Its moisturizing with moringa! I use it after showering at nig...

Joan about 1 month ago

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Moisturizing Skin Lotion

Aloe Derma
₱550.00 ₱495.00
" Love it "

I just got this yesterday and start using it. I'm loving this product. My skin is dry and sensitive which m...

Rupika about 1 year ago

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Brightening Facial Mask

Aloe Derma
" Rejuvinating "

Great, great product. I really love this as upon application, it feels cool and refreshing. After taking it...

Karina 11 months ago

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Instant Skin Hydrator

Aloe Derma
" Really hydrating "

Hands down, this Instant Skin Hydrator from Aloe Derma really hydrates and moisturizes the skin instantly. ...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Brightening Eye Cream

Aloe Derma
" More Gel Than Cream - I Like It! "

This has a gel-like consistency that really reminds you that it is an Aloe-based product! I prefer the gel ...

Beatriz almost 2 years ago

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Momo Antibacterial Oil

Teddy’s Organix
" Great for dry skin "

This is a good alternative to alcohol, which dries already dry skin even more. This one doesn’t make my ski...

Dinne 8 months ago

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Complete Set of My Prime's Organic Soaps with Pili +...

My Prime
" good "

Organic soaps are usually expensive but for this one, I would say that it is pretty much cheaper than the u...

Jan Camille over 1 year ago

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