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Virgin Coconut Sulfate-Free Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00
" Not your ordinary conditioner 😍 "

My first organic conditioner and i love it!!! Super duper love it!!! It smells so good but it doesnt last...

Melssy Clarisse 11 months ago

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Honey with Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Made by David Organics
₱514.00 ₱412.00
" First time Organic Shampoo user! "

I checked out Google for some hair care products for me and the boyfie since we're both having hairfall pro...

May Ann over 1 year ago

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Soothing Aloe Strengthening Conditioner (500ml)

Human Nature

I love Human Nature products! This is one of their products that I have repurchased. I really love the smel...

Dianne about 1 month ago

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Peppermint Strengthening Conditioner (500ml)

Human Nature
" Safe conditioner for curly hair! "

I've been using this product for about 2 months since I started to love and embrace my curly hair. Been wat...

Matet about 2 months ago

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Salon Care Conditioner (500ml)

Human Nature
" Better than high end conditioners! "

I have dry, frizzy hair that is also quite fine. I've had fairly good experiences with the other conditione...

Natalie about 2 months ago

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Mild & Gentle Baby Conditioner

" For my niece! "

I bought this for my niece last year and evee since then, my sister have been using this conditionernfor he...

angelyn 5 months ago

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Mandarin Fresh Moisturizing Conditioner (500ml)

Human Nature
" Love it! "

I bought this product after I had my hair permed, to match the shampoo. Like the shampoo, I also LOVE the c...

Anne 12 days ago

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Aloe Vera Moisturizing Conditioner

" go organic "

I also saw this when i bought the aloe vera shampoo. Using this together with the shampoo is not just shiny...

AM about 1 year ago

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Seaweeds Conditioner

" conditions well without weighing down hair "

It's hard to find a conditioner that will make my thin, fine hair soft without weighing it down but this to...

Dianne 3 months ago

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Moringa All Natural Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00
" Organic is <3 "

First time to try organic and it never disappointed me!! My hair smells so good after and this really doesn...

Gerard about 1 month ago

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Raved-About Argan Oil Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
" New favourite, new staple "

I'm on a never-ending search for the perfect condition, and this comes close! I absolutely love the smell a...

Julian over 2 years ago

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Aloe All Natural Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00
" My new fave :) "

Along with the Virgin Coconut Shampoo, I bought this conditioner and while the other is a so-so this condit...

chris 11 months ago

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Gugo All Natural Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00

I use this with the Gugo shampoo. The combination is actually killer! One thing though - I hope you can off...

Dannilyn about 1 year ago

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Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner (500ml)

Human Nature
" Good conditioner, Best shaving cream "

If you are in search of a natural, oil based, non silicone conditioner, you are in luck. This conditioner c...

sabrina vanessa 8 months ago

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Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Conditioner


Having a bleach hair and have gone through a lot of coloring I'd say my hair is pretty damage and can't be ...

Bob 17 days ago

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Gugo Strengthening Conditioner

" Love local 😉 "

Mine came with a pump, different from the one in the photo but it's all good. The smell is mild and texture...

Lesley Ann 30 days ago

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Tea Tree Scalp Normalizing Conditioner

Avalon Organics
₱495.00 ₱395.00
" Refreshing feel on my scalp "

It's really nice for my scalp. It gives you that summer-y vibes. This is my first purchase as I am still e...

Edelweiss Joy 5 months ago

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Strengthening Peppermint Conditioner

Avalon Organics
₱385.00 ₱310.00
" Calms my head! "

My love for peppermint/minty products just got amped up because of this conditioner. I bought this on a whi...

Sheree over 1 year ago

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Nourishing Lavender Conditioner

Avalon Organics
₱385.00 ₱310.00
" Eco Chic! "

This brand is great! And this conditioner is amazing! Makes my hair feel soo incredibly soft. I have very d...

Nic 6 months ago

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Honey & Coconut Smooth & Shine Conditioner

" treated my lifeless hair "

After trying the gugo conditioner, my hair needs a little shine and life after coloring it. The saleslady r...

mitch 11 months ago

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