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Top Reviewed Products for Organic

Virgin Coconut Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00
" Total Save-ior "

Believe me for those who are suffering from hairloss, this saved me from the greasy feeling and wetlook bec...

MM 10 months ago

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Smooch Lip Detox with SPF15

V&M Naturals
" Softer, smoother, pinker lips "

This is, hands down, the best lip balm I have ever tried. And trust me when I say I have tried them ALL. I ...

angela 7 months ago

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Organic Green Tea & Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

Made by David Organics
" Best hand sanitizer "

I love the scent of this hand sanitizer! The combination of Green tea & lemon grass is very soothing and ma...

Kat 6 months ago

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Honey with Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Made by David Organics
₱514.00 ₱412.00
" First time Organic Shampoo user! "

I checked out Google for some hair care products for me and the boyfie since we're both having hairfall pro...

May Ann over 1 year ago

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Bare It All Cream in Minty (100g)

V&M Naturals
" Works for my chicken skin "

I've been using this for over a week now every morning and night. And I absolutely love the minty cooling f...

Ysabel over 1 year ago

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Virgin Coconut Sulfate-Free Conditioner

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱189.00 ₱170.00
" Not your ordinary conditioner 😍 "

My first organic conditioner and i love it!!! Super duper love it!!! It smells so good but it doesnt last...

Melssy Clarisse 7 months ago

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Organic Grapefruit & Sage Hand Sanitizer (50mL)

Made by David Organics
" Value for money and Lovely!!! "

This one's a bang! Aside from keeping your hands sanitised, it has this fantastic smell that even my husban...

Donnamey 29 days ago

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100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm

Human Nature
" Essential! "

I have really dry lips to the point that it looks really ugly when I put lip tint or matte lipsticks and th...

ysabel 6 months ago

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Papaya Kojic Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
₱90.00 ₱80.00
" Good Product "

Before, I use a moisturizing soap after I use a whitening soap. Whitening soaps could often cause dry skin....

Nildane Frances 9 months ago

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Emu Skin Perfecting Cream

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Loving it! "

I've been using this cream for almost four years now, and it hasn't failed me, I usually get it from the sa...

Anna Francesca 8 months ago

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Grape Stem Cell Whitening Ampoule

" Heaven Sent! "

I love this!!! I was really looking for a serum to brighten my face until i came across this product. My fa...

Noemi 10 months ago

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100% Natural Tea Tree Oil (30ml)

Human Nature
" Love it but be careful when using! "

I use this whenever I have active acne that won't go away using Human Heart Nature's acne cream. My zits dr...

Maria Haeja 7 months ago

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Tsubaki Oil

V&M Naturals
" Best one I've used for eye bags "

Been using this for a month now, not even regularly since there are days when I'm too lazy with my complete...

Carline Marie over 1 year ago

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Luscious Argan Oil Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Wonder Worker! "

I have contact dermatitis, and as much as I try to avoid putting on ointments with steroids as much as poss...

Anya 10 months ago

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Clarifying Shampoo (495ml)

Human Nature
" Wow! Shampoo 💖💖💖 "

I have an oily and flaky scalp so I decided to buy this product. It is the first clarifying shampoo that I'...

Gebee Kristine 13 days ago

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Poppy Plush Soap

V&M Naturals
" Great for skin problems! "

This is probably one of the few things I will give a 5-star review. I used to have patches of chicken skin ...

Andrae over 1 year ago

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Skin-Lightening Triple Rice Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Worth stocking up on! "

I've been using this soap variant for a while now and I love it! I've stopped using loofahs since I've read...

Christine Lynn over 1 year ago

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Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Essential "

I bought this product for the kids as they are all suffering from severe dry skin growing up. Their dermato...

Caterrie almost 2 years ago

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100% Natural Lip Balm

Human Nature
" Great organic lip balm "

I use this in the plain (no color) mint variant. I get very dry, super chapped lips and for some reason, mo...

Irish 9 months ago

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Acne Defense Solution Gel (20g)

Human Nature
" foreve fave "

I never believed this at first because I felt there isnt any effect, but after using it for a very long tim...

Julian Lucas 17 days ago

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