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Pro Dual-Purpose Cleaner 100ml

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱300.00 ₱180.00
" Worth it! "

I bought this before moving to another country and boy I wished I bought more!!! Super effective to wash my...

Kathrine about 2 months ago

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Pure Brush Shampoo

₱105.00 ₱100.00
" Cheap but effective! "

I am used to trying ordinary products and soaps to clean my comb until I tried this because this does not h...

Zaira Mae 11 months ago

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Nippon Mascara Wands X25

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱170.00 ₱150.00
" Quality & quantity! "

I love that this pack has soo many in it. I use it to put castor oil on my eye lashes and brows. To tame my...

Nic 4 months ago

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Set of 10: Must-have Brush Guards

PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives
₱300.00 ₱199.00

Do you own make up brushes? Well you need these brush guards. It's every makeup geek's must-have. These wil...

Jazmine over 1 year ago

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Brush Cleaner (Cucumber Melon Scent)

" Lazy no more! "

I'm always too lazy to clean out my brushes, thank heavens this product was made! All I needed to do was sp...

Alexis 12 months ago

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Bohktoh Eyelid Tape

Bohktoh Lashes
₱300.00 ₱280.00
" Great tape "

I hate, hate, hate that my eyes aren't even-- it's especially noteiceble if I have a dark eyeliner on. This...

Patricia 6 months ago

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Nippon Facial Cotton Cloth X10 Value Set (3 Packs)

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱150.00 ₱85.00
" This is so good for sensitive skin! "

I have really sensitive skin so this has really helped! I used and am still using this to apply toner to my...

Camille 9 months ago

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Callas Lash Adhesive

" Nicest lash glue for a beginner <3 "

I have always wanted to try falsies and after doing a bit of research, the internet recommended this brand ...

Joyce 5 months ago

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Hair Velcro Pad

₱80.00 ₱76.00

I'm a bit hesitant at first to buy this because I have lots of hair clips I can use for the purpose of keep...

Irene about 2 months ago

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Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer (60ml)

" Great Spot Cleaning Tool "

If you don't have the time to wash your brushes but you definitely see that you have to this is the next be...

Katrina 9 months ago

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Nippon Cosmetic Sanitizer

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱600.00 ₱500.00
" Clean makeup, period. "

I have developed the habit of spritzing my makeup with alcohol (70%), but was dismayed to find that my make...

Cielo over 1 year ago

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Makeup Brush Cleaner (50ml)

PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives
₱150.00 ₱119.00
" For keeps. ❤️ "

I must admit, I'm one of those girls who totally hate and is always lazy about cleaning my make up brushes ...

Gracie about 1 month ago

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Nippon Lipgloss Applicators X25

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱170.00 ₱150.00
" Dirt cheap! "

I'm a bit OC when it comes to sharing my makeup. I keep nippon products like these lipgloss applicators jus...

Ednalyn over 1 year ago

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Suesh 15-Color Magnetic Palette

₱950.00 ₱855.00
" Five stars "

I love how simple this is. It's perfect for all my little individual pots and pans of eyeshadow/lippies. It...

Claudia 3 months ago

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Parian Spirit

Parian Spirit
₱600.00 ₱580.00
" Clean, great-smelling brushes in an instant! "

The rave reviews made me buy this, especially now that I travel frequently. I just spritz this on a tissue...

Louise Abigail about 1 year ago

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Shade & Swap Makeup Colour Swapper

" Worth it! "

This is a great tool to keep your brushes clean, last long, and keep your make up from being muddy. I use m...

Joy 11 months ago

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Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer (150ml)

" Every makeup lover needs this! "

This is the first time I've ever heard of a makeup sanitizer, so I thought I should get it. I love the assu...

Herzl 9 months ago

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Nippon Nylon Lip Brush X25

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
" For lining my lips "

When I want a perfect line on my lips, I use this Nylon Lip Brush by Nippon Esthetic Solutions. These are ...

Kelly over 1 year ago

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Bohktoh Eyelash Adhesive Glue

Bohktoh Lashes
₱700.00 ₱550.00
" The best I have tried! "

I have tried Ardell, Duo, Nichido, Aido as well as Dolly Wink which WAS my go to before I used this lash gl...

Maica 10 months ago

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Suesh 4-Color Magnetic Palette

₱650.00 ₱585.00
" Perfect for On-the-Go "

This 4 color magnetic palette by Suesh is perfect for girls who travel a lot and just wants to bring a coup...

Dara Love 11 months ago

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