Top Reviewed Products for Makeup Brushes

Oval Brush for Foundation

" Soft and comfortable to use "

I have one foundation oval brush from Brushworks and I was satisfied with it as it easily blends my cream f...

ChocoLoco about 1 year ago

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Core Collection

Real Techniques
" A must have "

This is just the perfect set you will really need in your life. The bristles are super soft and does not ha...

Louise about 2 months ago

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Duo Eyebrow Brush

" Perfect kilay anytime anywhere "

A very handy tool for kilay-obsessed ladies! Spoolie end grooms brows in place and also blends out eyebrow ...

Veronica 11 months ago

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Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques

I love how this brush blends well my liquid foundation on my face. There are no brush streaks noted on my f...

Fleur 11 months ago

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Blush Brush

Real Techniques
" Perfect blush brush "

I Love this brush. Before, I was Using a much larger round brush for blush application because i thought it...

vee 22 days ago

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Powder Brush

Real Techniques
" glamorous "

Im glad there's real technique brand. This is very comparable to other high end brushes. Others will cause ...

AM about 1 year ago

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Brush Protectors

" Worth every penny "

Makeup junkie or not, hygiene is a must for you and your brushes. It definitely secures your brushes! For a...

Sarah 9 months ago

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Starter Set

" Really a good brush set for beginners "

I believe the Ecotools Starter Set has been around for years now. I got it a couple of months ago and I won...

Princess over 1 year ago

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Tapered Powder Brush

Clover Collection
" Good for buffing "

I would usually use this brush to buff of excess powder or any products left on my face befor setting it. T...

Jay Emerson about 1 year ago

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Stippling Brush

Real Techniques
" SOFT "

I love this brush so much because its sooooooo amazingly soft and it doesn't shed too even after washing it...

Dara Love about 1 year ago

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Nippon Dome 6 Face Brush

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱650.00 ₱600.00
" Sooo much better than a beauty blender! "

I was supposed to buy another beauty blender when I saw the Nippon Dome Brush on sale. This brush changed t...

Hedda about 1 year ago

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Blush Brush

Clover Collection
" Love! "

I use this brush together with my W7 Cheeky Trio palette. I use it for highlighting, contouring, and/or blu...

JC Jaf 6 months ago

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Mini Brush Trio

Real Techniques
" Don't let the size fool you "

I was expecting these brushes to be a bit bigger, which is why I was a bit surprised when I first laid my h...

Colleen about 1 year ago

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Starter Set

Real Techniques
" Complete set! "

Can't really complain about this set. I mean, five quality brushes for an affordable price is more than eno...

Krystal over 1 year ago

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Travel Essentials Set

Real Techniques
" Nice travel set "

This is a nice travel set which I always make sure that I bring in my make up bag. My most used brush from...

JY over 1 year ago

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Bamboo Stick Powder Brush

" Great brush for a great price "

This brush is amazing!!! Tis super soft and I’ve had it for a ouple of months, used and washed it a ton of ...

Bea 24 days ago

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Bronzer Brush

Clover Collection
" Surprisingly Great Quality "

These brushes are great! I love how big the bronzer brush is too. They don't shed at all, are soft and very...

Ann 10 months ago

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Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

" Perfect for base makeups "

This was recommended by my friend because I was looking for a brush that would make it easier for me to app...

Krystian Kashe about 1 year ago

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Retractable Kabuki Brush

Real Techniques
" Size is perfect for travel! "

This is the only face brush I keep in my make up kit. I just find it so functional - I can use it to touch ...

Gaby about 2 months ago

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Setting Brush

Clover Collection
" Better choice. "

This setting brush is better than Real Technique's, because it is flat and can get near your eyes without h...

Monica 7 months ago

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