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Brow Powder Palette

Pixi by Petra
" Natural Eyes~ "

Although this is a brow powder palette I actually like using this as eyeshadow because the formulation is g...

Dara Love over 1 year ago

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Rouge Mix

Pop Beauty
" All shades of lippies in one! "

If you hate having so many tubes of lipsticks and many blush palettes like me, then this one's for you! I j...

Carmela over 1 year ago

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Pop Your Natural Beauty (Honey Haze)

Pop Beauty
" It's amazing! "

I love how the eyeshadow colors are perfectly matched together. It's easy to use for the beginners. Great f...

Angela almost 2 years ago

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Transformation Palette (Natural/Glam)

Makeup World
" Ugh dream kit! "

It was way smaller than expected but I am inlove with the colors!!! The size isn't a problem cause then you...

Felisa 7 months ago

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Ultimate Palette

Makeup World
" Ultimate makeup literally "

This ultimate palette from the name itself is ultimate.so cool it is like a complete set all your basic nee...

Aileen about 2 months ago

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All Matte Eyeshadow Palette

" Amazing palette for the price! "

There are very few matte shadows in the drug store that are as good as these. I got this in the day palette...

Charlene about 1 month ago

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Transformation Palette (Day/Night)

Makeup World
" Cute, Compact, Great for Travel "

It's quite pigmented and adheres well if applied with a primer, though it last for about 3-4 hours on my oi...

Jennifer 11 months ago

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