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Top Reviewed Products for Lip Tint

Lip and Cheek Stain Alive!

Skin Genie
" The secret to make it work! "

I had a hard time using it at first but the secret to make it look beautiful on you is you need to dab some...

Anachelle Casandra 9 months ago

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Delight Tony Tint

Tony Moly
₱178.00 ₱150.00
" Delightful! "

This tint is really delightful! It is long wearing and the Cherry Pink shade perfectly matches my skin tone...

Alma Corazon over 1 year ago

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Holy Berry Tint

Holika Holika
" Benetint dupe "

This Holy Berry Tint by Holika Holika is a great dupe for the Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics. This is great...

Camilla over 1 year ago

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The Multiple

NARS Cosmetics
" Buy this if you can, it is SO WORTH IT! "

This little guy right here--you need him in your life. It gives you the most perfect, sweet looking flush o...

Rochelle 9 months ago

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Sun, Sand, and SPF Summer Set

" A Great Summer Kit "

Aside from its affordability, I like how this kit includes products that addresses what summer is all about...

Eva about 2 months ago

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" Great cheek tint for any skin tone "

This tint changed the way I feel about lip and cheek tint. I usually don't use tints in my cheeks because t...

May 20 days ago

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Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in CR01 Rose Coral

" Beautiful shade of coral! "

I love the fact that they are now available in beautymnl!! The coral shade is the bomb and is currently my ...

Zaira Mae 9 months ago

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Bubi Bubi Tint Balm

" Moisturize my lips in one swipe "

I love how my dry and chapped lips become soft and supple with this tinted lip balm. Tropical raspberry was...

Maria Christina 3 months ago

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Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD03 Merlot Burgundy

" I love everything about this! "

The color is buildable and the packaging is gorgeous. It's super cute to display too! While swatching the p...

Sabine 2 months ago

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Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD01 Shiraz Red


I spotted this a loong time ago on Tina's youtube channel (Tina Yong. Look her up ;)) and wanted it ever si...

Paula 9 months ago

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Peri's Ink The Velvet

₱500.00 ₱430.00

I have been looking for a really long-lasting lip tint, and Peripera is one of the best out there. I got th...

Karissa Mae about 1 month ago

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Permanent Pout

Pop Beauty
" Perfect! "

This liquid lipstick is awesome!!! I will definitely purchase it again. I have Razzle Rose which is a perfe...

Nicole Anne 24 days ago

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Be My Seoulmate Gift Set

" Everything I needed in this cute package! ♡ "

This set contains everything I need, especially since I tend to be on the go. For girls like me who just ne...

Lily 5 months ago

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Tinted Kiss Lip Oil

" Perfect pout "

If you're a person like me who has a pet peeve with dry flaky lips and just thinking about it make you crin...

Dara Love 7 months ago

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Pro Beauty Enamel Volip Tint

Holika Holika
" Shiny but comfortable! "

This lip tint is highly raved by Korean Youtuber, Liah Yoo... so I just had to try it out! I love the amoun...

Sevigne 7 months ago

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Beautiful Lip Tint

" Nice! "

Missa Beautiful Lip Tint reminds me a lot of those lip and cheek tints from Benefit but at just a fraction ...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Benetint Mini

" BEST. "

This is a lip tint that covers entirely of my darkened lips. I have tried the famous wine lip tint that eve...

Nicole 2 months ago

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Posie Tint

" Naturally Rosie "

This is my everyday cheek tint!!! Give you that super cute natural looking Rosie cheeks. Lightweight + not ...

Ryanne 22 days ago

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Cheek & Lip Tint

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics
" Pink peony "

I have been getting into lip and cheek tints lately for some reason. Though I don't use them on my cheeks a...

Sharlyn 3 months ago

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Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15

Elizabeth Arden
" The best lip product "

I have always been fond of lip products but this particular lip tint is a cut above the rest. The sheer col...

Chrystelle Gail 10 months ago

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