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3-in-1 Mentha Lip Shine

C.O. Bigelow
₱330.00 ₱297.00
" A little goes a long way "

I've used this for a week and I love it. It's not overly greasy on my lips and a little definitely goes a l...

Kristine about 2 years ago

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Nippon Lipgloss Applicators X25

Nippon Esthetic Philippines
₱170.00 ₱150.00
" Dirt cheap! "

I'm a bit OC when it comes to sharing my makeup. I keep nippon products like these lipgloss applicators jus...

Ednalyn almost 2 years ago

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Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss

L'Oreal Paris
" Not Drying! "

One thing I cannot stand with matte liquid lippies is how drying they are. I really hate the tight feeling ...

Laarni Christine 5 months ago

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Lip Glace

Laura Mercier Cosmetics
" The best lip gloss! "

The best lip gloss I've ever used! Very light and easy to apply. Very forgiving (when it comes to common li...

Ann almost 2 years ago

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Award-Winning Full-On™ Lip Polish


VERY PIGMENTED. That's the best thing about this product. Doesn't crack your lips and glides oh so smoothly...

Jiane over 1 year ago

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Cinnamint Supreme 2X

C.O. Bigelow
" cinnamon love "

I have always been a huge fan of cinnamon so I got crazy excited when I first tried this lip gloss! The sec...

Sab over 1 year ago

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Love, Dolly™ Limited Edition Full-On™ Lip Polish

" Nice! "

This is a sheer plumping gloss that makes your lips tingle. I like how this lip gloss glides smoothly on th...

Bec over 2 years ago

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Award-Winning Big & Healthy™ Lip Polish

" Buxom Lip Gloss in Debbie "

I have this in the shade Debbie and it is one of the most stunning coral pink lip gloss ever. I like how th...

Bec over 2 years ago

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Moisturizing Lip Butter Glaze

" Pomegranate and Raspberry! "

I have this lip gloss in both raspberry and pomegranate and I ADORE them. Raspberry is such a pretty deep r...

Samantha Louise about 2 years ago

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Lip Paint Lip Gloss

" lipgloss with the shade of lipstick "

Before lipgloss are just plain and moisturizing. Its just adding a little shine on your lips and thats all....

mitch about 1 year ago

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Ultra Glossy in My Jam

" Entry-level metallic "

This is a nice bronze-y metallic gloss fit for parties and days when you're feeling a bit whimsical. I love...

Paula 2 months ago

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Poppin Gloss

Kylie Cosmetics
₱1,715.00 ₱1,400.00
" A beautiful surprise! 💛✨ "

I experienced SO many surprises with this gloss. First, the picture here in BeautyMNL reflects the black pa...

Ana 4 months ago

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Matte and Smudge-Proof Liquid Lipgloss

₱350.00 ₱215.00
" Shade 16# FULL HONEST review "

Delivery came SUPER FAST. I actually purchased this at around 11pm or so the night before and it arrived at...

Cassey about 1 year ago

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Outlast Double Lipshine

" Duo lip gloss "

A very cute packaging of lip gloss. The other side which will give you the color that youve chosen which ha...

P over 1 year ago

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Long-Lasting Color & Gloss

Ushas Cosmetics
₱270.00 ₱245.00
" Soooolllliiiiiiittttt!!! ;) "

This is perfect if you're into both matte or glossy type of lippies since you can choose either in just one...

Juvellen 7 months ago

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Lava Lip Gloss

Hello Gorgeous
" Pouty Lips! "

I was curious about the PLUMPING effect of this lip gloss that's why I got this. And true enough! When I ap...

Lorraine 15 days ago

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Metallic Matte Colour Lipgloss

₱350.00 ₱280.00

I was so much into the liquid matte phase, having almost 10 lippies in my kikay kit. I will never get tired...

Melinda 8 months ago

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Avant-Scène Lipgloss

" intense "

This is a korean product for those who dont know. And korean products are now becoming popular in our count...

P over 1 year ago

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Hello Glow!

Pixi by Petra
" Great for morenas! "

This is a really nice set! I was at first disappointed because I got surprised by the sizes of the products...

Dominique 4 months ago

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Lip Gloss

VMV Hypoallergenics
" Standard lip gloss "

I received one of these as a freebie when I bought the Armada sunblock which is my HG sunscreen. I got the ...

Kathleen 23 days ago

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