Top Reviewed Products for Concealers

Fit Me Concealer

" The best concealer!! "

This is one of the best drugstore concealers! It has a natural coverage that leaves the skin fresh. You can...

Denise over 1 year ago

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Instant Age Rewind Eraser

" Oh Girl, HG! "

Coverage? Check. Shade selection? Kinda check. Longevity? Check. Formulation? Check. Turns out, this concea...

Jammy about 2 months ago

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Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Cosmetics

I rarely wear makeup and I don't have a lot in my collection (if you can call it one) but I cannot NOT have...

Kathleen 13 days ago

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ColorStay Concealer

" Long lasting indeed "

This Revlon ColorStay Concealer is one of the most long lasting concealer that i have ever tried. It lasted...

Liza almost 2 years ago

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Perfect Jumbo Concealer

" Such amazing cute concealer! "

I decided to buy this product because of the lip product I bought from this brand. Eversince I bought that ...

Francesca Mae 11 months ago

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Secret Camouflage

Laura Mercier Cosmetics
" Seriously. Buy this. "

Have this in SC 4. I can't live without concealer and it's the only makeup I will throw money at if I can g...

Kim over 1 year ago

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Cover Face Concealer Foundation

" Fave! "

I started using and I love that it not only functions as a concealer but as a foundation! I use this togeth...

Ara 8 months ago

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Secret Concealer

Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Thank god for this concealer. It helps me get away with all my sleepless nights because this takes care of ...

Isabella 15 days ago

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True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer

L'Oreal Paris
" Perfect skin "

I used this concealer whenever i am on a hurry. This is very easy to use like a real crayon and color my bl...

ivy about 1 year ago

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Skin the Bluff

VMV Hypoallergenics
" My favorite concealer! "

Got my first pot three years ago and I've been repurchasing ever since. This product has never irritated my...

Dana 3 months ago

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Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

" High-end quality for less! "

One of my favorite foundations, EVER. The quality and coverage is at par with high end foundations, and it ...

Kristin 3 months ago

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₱350.00 ₱245.00
" Concealer and foundie in one! "

I use this concealer as a foundation as well. I'm in the shade butternut. It's very lightweight and feels l...

Aiza 5 months ago

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Colour Corrector (Highlighter)

Max Factor
" Perfect for everyday "

Can we just talk about this concealer/highlighter?! This is crazy. It's literally 2-in-1. It conceals my fl...

Anika almost 2 years ago

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Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

" Really great concealer "

This is one of the concealers that truly works. It's not cheap but it's really worth it. It's not like the ...

Kim 7 days ago

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Loose Mineral Concealer & Foundation Refill

" Love! "

You wouldn't think something like this would work. A powder concealer? Really? Lol never heard of one. But ...

Kim 10 days ago

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Go Corrective Concealer

" Surprised! ;) "

Yes! I'm surprised using the Go Corrective Concelear-Green. It covers my blemishes/acne scars and redness, ...

Trixie about 1 year ago

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Pro Longwear Concealer

" Been using this for yearssss "

A little bit goes a looong way with this stuff and it can last for hours. However, you do have to be carefu...

Tisha about 1 month ago

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Pro-5 Camouflage Face and Body Cream Palette

₱550.00 ₱399.00
" Must Have Basic! "

What keeps my complexion flawless is all in one small palette! This one does the trick for all my color cor...

Anna 10 days ago

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Corrector and Concealer Palette

₱990.00 ₱941.00
" Budget-friendly and Reliable! "

This concealer palette seriously exceeded my expectations. I love how I can mix the different concealer sha...

Karina 11 months ago

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Concealer and Corrector Palette

SFR Color
₱400.00 ₱349.00
" Corrector Plus! "

It is my first time to purchase a color corrector here in Beauty Mnl and I loved it. It's handy, it's effec...

Suzanne about 2 months ago

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