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Perfect Cover BB Cream (50ml)

₱1,600.00 ₱1,120.00
" HG!! "

I want to rave about this so much but let me keep this short. This has medium coverage (which you don't usu...

Angelica Rose over 1 year ago

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It Radiant CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

Banila Co.
" A little goes a long way ❤ "

I have been using a different CC cream before I found out about this Banila Co. Cc Cream. I felt that I had...

Donna Mae about 1 month ago

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Snow BB Cushion SPF50

" Dewy, Not Greasy "

I first bought this product because my friend recommended it to me. The special sponge the product comes wi...

Hillary over 2 years ago

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Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

Dear Klairs
" Best BB Cream! "

The best BB Cream hands down! Not much of a BB cream fan, since i can't find a shade that won't look gray...

Jen 6 months ago

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Beyond the Solution BB Cream

" Perfect for oily skin! "

At first I was scared to try this because I have oily skin. I've tried a few bb creams but it made my face ...

Joanne over 2 years ago

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Dollish Cera-V CC SPF 34/PA++

" Loving it! "

Been using this product for a little over a week. So far, so good! I have no difficulty spreading and blend...

Nadine Ruth over 1 year ago

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Super Gold Snail BB Cream

" BB cream and snail extract in one "

I have been using BB cream for the longest time and Snail serum recently and when I saw this product, BB c...

Rich about 2 years ago

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Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC SPF30 PA++

Tony Moly
₱1,028.00 ₱850.00
" Great! "

Hands down, this is one of my favorite products from Tony Moly! I am not a big CC cream fan but when I trie...

Bogs almost 2 years ago

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Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF25 PA++


I have used a lot of other Korean bb creams.And looks like.Im going to stay with this product line of LIOEL...

denice over 1 year ago

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BB Cushion Whitening SPF 50+ PA +++

₱1,800.00 ₱1,320.00
" Oily-skin friendly! "

There's so much to rave about this product! First, it's oily-skin friendly. This is soo good at controlling...

Jammy about 1 year ago

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Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm SPF50+/PA+++

" For flawless picture "

Got this one as a sample and I can say it's a typical bb cream what I mean is it has a minimum coverage yo...

Noemi 5 months ago

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Correct Combo Pact

₱950.00 ₱855.00
" best for fair skin tones but still a pleasant surprise for medium skin tones! "

I got the Natural beige variant and was surprised at how smooth and natural it looked after application. I ...

Mai almost 2 years ago

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Color Correcting Cream

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Makes a difference! "

It does brighten up a look! I initially thought this wasn't necessary however it does make a difference and...

Christiene over 1 year ago

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CC Cushion

Liria Organics
" Happy and Settled "

Good packaging. Very lightweight on skin and covers up my blemishes and small pimples very well with just 2...

Zoe 3 months ago

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Silky Pore Control Snail BB Cream

3W Clinic
" Satin finish "

At first i have my doubts with the product I must admit. But i'm really glad how this turned out. I've worn...

Jian about 2 months ago

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It Radiant CC Sun Base SPF50+ PA+++

Banila Co.
" no make up look "

I diverted from using heavy make ups like foundations and the like. Specially how it makes my face so stick...

mitch over 1 year ago

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Perfect Cover BB Cream (10+1 Bundle)

Face Republic
" Perfect BB cream for great coverage "

I use a lot of BB creams to cover my pores and dull skin. This was one of the best when it comes to coverag...

Junie 4 months ago

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Mochi BB Cushion Pact

Dear Klairs

the cutest ever packaging starring Merry Between's adorable Mochi, this BB cushion pact is an upgraded vers...

Marelyn 3 months ago

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WW Cream (30g)

San San
" This stays long and is good for the skin! "

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now. I was expecting this product to have a heavy consistency, b...

Jem 3 months ago

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Intensive Whitening Program Package #1: Ampoule, Act...

Dr. Labella
₱9,000.00 ₱7,200.00
" Miracle! "

I have this complete set since October! So far so good! It helps my skin more glowing and its lightens my d...

Tricia 6 months ago

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