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Hair Growth Booster

Skin Genie
" This + Castor Oil = BOMB!! "

I've always had trouble with my eyebrow and eyelash hair since it's really thin and I tend to put make up m...

Sabrina 4 months ago

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Oi / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

₱1,195.00 ₱837.00
" Goodbye, Frizz! "

I cannot rave about this enough! This product really helped tame my hair. Since it's very hot in Manila, my...

Rachel about 1 year ago

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Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 BB Crème For Hair Leave O...

" Holy Grail!!! "

Definitely a must buy!!!! I saw this while watching one of my favorite Youtuber beauty blogger. I wasn't ex...

Krystian Kashe about 1 year ago

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100% Morrocan Argan Oil for Hair, Face, & Body

Beauty Bakery
" Most Affordable Argan Oil "

Argan oil is my tried-and-tested fave oil to use as it’s really a wonder oil that makes my skin unbelievabl...

Samantha Louise almost 2 years ago

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Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist 150ml

Toni & Guy
" What's not to love???? "

Smell is great, it does its job as my hair remains healthy even with daily styling, and I also notice that...

Leilani 3 months ago

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Pro-V Hair Strength Tonic Leave On Treatment

" I'm addicted! "

I use this hair strength tonic to fake that I am fresh from bath. Haha. I use it to tame my baby hair so th...

Angela Mariz 8 months ago

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Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

" oh my gosh! "

I've been eyeing on this at SM Bicutan which is always out of stock! Good thing its here on beautyMNL! <3 o...

Ericka Jane about 1 year ago

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Nature Care Natural Shine Booster Essence Leave On T...

" In love with this product! "

Before having a chance to try this Nature Care Natural Shine Booster Essence Leave On Treatment, I was not ...

Darlene 11 months ago

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All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence


LOVE leave on conditioners and was so glad when I found this (yeah i heard about it late na). This product ...

Anne Nicole 12 months ago

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Bamboo Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil (50 mL)

₱1,770.00 ₱1,593.00
" Frizzy hair no more. "

I have frizzy hair ever since I started styling my own hair. I love this product because it takes away the ...

Mariah about 1 year ago

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Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil

Elizabeth Arden
" Miracle! "

Due to being more self concious and noticing some premature fine lines on my face, i immediately purchased ...

Jane about 1 year ago

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My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret: Multi-Use Fortifyi...

My Amazing Hair Secrets
₱2,048.00 ₱1,843.00
" The best! "

This is by far the best hair serum I've used (I've used/tried a ton). Before buying this, I was using the ...

Ann Rose about 1 year ago

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Herstyler Vitamin E Hair Serum

₱3,100.00 ₱900.00
" Super nice! "

Whether I iron my hair or not, this product is enough to keep the frizz away. I love how light this is. It ...

Arianne 10 months ago

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Moroccan Argan Facial Beauty Oil

Leiania House of Beauty
" Good for all skin types! Really a SKIN FOOD! "

Good for all skin types! Hyper-Sensitive & Allergy Prone. It really is an age defying facial oil serum ric...

Favia Angelica about 1 month ago

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Moroccan Argan Oil

Faith Hope Love Soap
" Our all around family oil. "

Super love this argan oil from fhl! A little drop goes a loooooong way! You'll definitely get your money's ...

CD 4 months ago

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Hair Heroes Bundle

Snoe Beauty
₱1,697.00 ₱1,399.00
" Lovw the three! "

Beautiful packaging and really worth trying. I love how the products aid in my hair problems each working o...

Zaira Mae 11 months ago

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Nature Care Root Lift Mist

₱259.00 ₱226.00
" True to its name "

I am a fan of Pantene's Nature Care series so I got this volume lift spray when i was still living overseas...

Ruby 4 months ago

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Pure Derma Grade Moroccan Argan Oil

One Earth Organics
" Great organic product! :) "

Ive been using this product for a few days already. I put it on my skin overnight. My skin feels so hydrate...

Michaela 2 months ago

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Argan Oil (30ml)

Organic Alley
" A good buy 💝 "

I actually bought this on an impulse. I was looking for something to make my hair less stingy after tying i...

Nina 5 months ago

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Toni&Guy High Shine Serum Drops 30ml

Toni & Guy
" Salon hair everyday "

My hair stylist recommended this to me after a trim and I seriously love how soft and fragrant my hair turn...

Jubilee 12 months ago

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