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Top Reviewed Products for Scalp Treatments

Hair Growth Booster

Skin Genie
" This + Castor Oil = BOMB!! "

I've always had trouble with my eyebrow and eyelash hair since it's really thin and I tend to put make up m...

Sabrina about 2 months ago

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Sunset Spray

Beach Born
" No breakouts even when my hair is untied! "

I have really frizzy wavy hair and this product works wonders to reduce the frizz! This product goes best w...

Ann Clarisse 7 months ago

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Dove Hair Tonic Hair Fall Rescue 7x7ml

" Amazing. I love it so much ♥️ "

When you're always stress from work and don't get that 8-hour beauty sleep, you tend to experience hairfall...

Dominique Danielle Athena 7 months ago

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Hot Oil with Vitamin E (200ml)

Black Beauty
" Effective and Affordable! "

I saw this product here at BeautyMNL and put it in my wishlist, but since I saw this while I was at SM Hype...

Patricia Louise 7 months ago

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Tresemme Hair Treatment Platinum Strength 180ml

₱230.00 ₱159.00
" Hair Treatment at Home! 💜💜💜 "

Along with the TRESemmè Platinum Strength Duo ~ Shampoo & Conditioner, I also use this once a week. I highl...

Darlene about 2 months ago

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Supermild Hair and Scalp Mask

" Great for frizzy hair "

Just after a week of using it three times, my dry and frizzy hair got its life back. It's softer, smoother,...

Arianne 2 months ago

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Argan Oil Silk Hair Nourishing Cream (150ml)

" Smooth and silky hair in an instant! "

You know the feeling when you find this amazing hair product that really delivers what it promises while be...

Evangeline Dianne 8 months ago

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Sun Bleach Moisturizing & Lightening Hair Spray

Brown Belly Swimwear
" Good buy! "

Sun Bleach Hair Spray gave my hair a natural dark brown color after a few hours outdoors. It tends to be a ...

Carrie 6 months ago

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Coconut Hair Mask

Stylista Hair Essentials
₱350.00 ₱299.00

The coconut-y scent of this mask is so refreshing! It smells so good, I want to eat it LOL. My hair is cons...

Melinda 28 days ago

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Glorifying Pre-Colour Treatment Scalp Protective

₱1,500.00 ₱550.00
" Great value "

Even though a bottle of this costs 550 pesos, it does last for a looooong time and it works wonders when co...

Dinne 8 months ago

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Authentic Moisturizing Balm

₱1,250.00 ₱800.00
" Love It! "

I had only used this for three times now (once a week) and I'm always amazed by its performance. This tames...

Shin 8 months ago

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Energizing Gel

" Leaves your hair with the perfect volumized look "

I tried this when I was sleeping over at a friend's house and just got curious when I saw it on his bathroo...

Adrienne over 1 year ago

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Revitalizing Fresh Scalp Tonic

" Works great! "

I think this was the very first hair tonic that I have ever used. Aside from the one that Dove does, this h...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Hair Growth Booster (8ml)

Skin Genie
" I'm amazed! "

I was a little doubtful whether or not any product could actually do what this one claims but the reviews g...

Karen 7 months ago

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Hair Serum (50ml)

Human Nature
" Good for treating dry and damaged ends "

I like this hair care product! Just don't use it on dry hair though as you wouldn't want to look oily. Rig...

Nadine 9 months ago

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Hot Oil with Vitamin E (300ml)

Black Beauty
" Soooo Worth it! "

I wanted to give this product a chance since they actually have very good hair products. It is actually pre...

Regine 26 days ago

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Dove Hair Treatment Volume Root Lift Spray 110ml

" Refreshing "

I got to try this when I couldn't get ahold of Pantene's root lift mist. Thought it was a risk because it i...

Ruby about 2 months ago

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Pure Argan Oil

Be Organic Bath & Body
" Legit! Truly a Liquid Gold! :) "

I tried so many argan oil products, and this brand is truly amazing. I apply this argan oil after cleansing...

Angel 3 months ago

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Hair Heroes Super Fresh Bundle

Snoe Beauty
₱2,196.00 ₱1,799.00
" Products that work! But maybe just settle for the bundle's 2 out of the 4 "

(LONG REVIEW ALERT! These are four products so buckle up for my feelings. lol.) *** First off, I've always ...

Joma 6 months ago

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