Top Reviewed Products for Hair Masks

Tresemme Hair Treatment Mask Keratin Smooth 180ml

" Tresemme paved the way! "

I was supposed to buy the shampoo and conditioner verion but they always beat me in adding it to my cart hu...

Charlene 4 months ago

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Choco Chip Mint Nourishing Hair Mask

Beauty Bakery
" Mmmm hehe "

When I opened the lid of the product, I immediately smelled the product because of the reviews it got about...

Mica 10 months ago

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Intensive Strengthen & Volumize Hair Treatment

" Shinny hair! "

I love how 50 pesos helped me in times I needed an instant spa at home. This is true to its claim. It refre...

Zaira Mae 11 months ago

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Total Damage Care 10 Intensive Hair Mask

" This product really works! "

The smell is so amazing and the result.. WOW! Like I don't need to go to salon and get a hair treatment. Th...

Ayesha about 2 years ago

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Supermild Hair and Scalp Mask

" Great for frizzy hair "

Just after a week of using it three times, my dry and frizzy hair got its life back. It's softer, smoother,...

Arianne 4 months ago

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Toni&Guy Damage Repair Mask 200ml

Toni & Guy
" lurve! lurve! lurve! "

Bought this at Toni and Guy salon because I was getting desperate about my dry, frizzy, brittle, over-proce...

Charlene Natalie 11 months ago

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Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Mask

₱1,500.00 ₱1,200.00
" Excellent hair mask! "

I got this with the shine and shield spray from the same brand because a friend had kept on insisting that ...

Dana Patricia over 1 year ago

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Hair Heroes Bundle

Snoe Beauty
₱1,697.00 ₱1,399.00
" Lovw the three! "

Beautiful packaging and really worth trying. I love how the products aid in my hair problems each working o...

Zaira Mae 11 months ago

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Mud Mask Hair Repair

" Nice! "

I went to training to Thailand some years ago and I was able to try Miharu products when I was there. I use...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Hair We Go Daily Hair Spa Treatment (250ml)

Leiania House of Beauty
" yes to a shiny bouncing hair "

i love how it gives a shiny bouncing hair -true to its promise of hair we go - it will give you an easy bre...

maria concepcion about 1 month ago

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Caviar Anti-Aging® Overnight Hair Rescue (100mL)

" Holy Grail! "

This Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue (100mL) from Alterna is definitely one of the best hair care p...

Beau over 1 year ago

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Strawberry Mint Nourishing Hair Mask

Beauty Bakery

I have the sad aftermath hair of several cycles of bleaching and coloring and jumping from color to color. ...

Danielle 5 months ago

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Intensive Shine & Hydrate Hair Treatment

" Cheap but great! "

Given its price, I was not expecting this product to work. But I was surprised that it made my hair soft an...

Zi 2 months ago

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Hair Fall Control Intensive Hair Mask (135ml)

" Effective!! "

Introduced this to my mom who was in so much need of an effective hair loss treatment and she was so satisf...

Anne Nicole 12 months ago

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Intensive Argan Oil Hair Mask

Be Organic Bath & Body
" HOT-OIL Finish!!! "

I love it!!! Although the process takes time, the effect is like you went to a salon for hot oil (very soft...

Jocel about 1 year ago

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Intensive Nourish & Color-Protect Hair Treatment

" My DIY ala Salon Tx "

I love this that I bought more. I usually use it twice a month to pamper my hair and give the boost my hair...

DJUHARA 11 days ago

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Daily Hair Treatment (150g)

Human Nature
" Your hair's much-needed vacation in a tub! "

Of all the hair products that claims to be a "treatment", this is the only one I've tried that actually del...

Mona 4 months ago

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Glorifying Pak (250ml)

₱1,500.00 ₱550.00
" Very worth it! "

This comes in a glass jar that feels very high end, and the product inside is no different. The mask is a s...

Ida 4 months ago

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Moisture Egg Hair Pack

" Conditions and shines "

I don’t know why many people rate this low here. I guess it’s because they are not hiyang and it all goes d...

Dinne 10 months ago

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Dream Hair Mask

Pink Beautiq International
" Minty Fresh! "

I was initially going to repurchase Human Nature's Natural Daily Hair Treatment, but since at that time it ...

Alyanna Marie 5 months ago

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