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Compact Styler Professional Detangling Hairbrush

Tangle Teezer
" Love it! "

No pain when brushing and no tangle. I bought 2 of these (the other one is without the compact which I use ...

Anne Gibelle Ruth about 2 years ago

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The Original Professional Detangling Hairbrush

Tangle Teezer
" ლ(◕㉨◕ლ Absolute love! ლ(◕㉨◕ლ "

I absolutely love the Detangling Hairbrush from TANGLE TEEZER. It's my second detangler as it's great for g...

Nine over 2 years ago

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(Limited Edition) Salon Elite Professional Detanglin...

Tangle Teezer
" Magic comb! "

I have bleached hair. The thing about bleached hair is that it gets tangled and somewhat sticky when wet or...

Colleen 6 days ago

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Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush

Tangle Teezer

Initially, I was a bit skeptical that any brush would work on my daughter's unruly after-shampoo hair. Eve...

marissa over 2 years ago

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(Limited Edition) The Original Professional Detangli...

Tangle Teezer
" bye frizzy hair! "

Worth every penny!! I have rather unruly hair, so generally after washing its a bit of a battle with the br...

Connie Jo over 1 year ago

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Compact Styler Collectables Professional Detangling ...

Tangle Teezer
" Shaun "

Tangle teezer shaun the sheep is so cute. It is compact and easy to put in your pouch and also the bristle ...

Mariel 2 months ago

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Jetset Travel Brush

Stylista Hair Essentials
₱650.00 ₱349.00
" Just WOW! "

Bought this on a whim and im glad i did! I get really excited whenever i use this brush. I don't know how ...

Elise 12 days ago

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(Limited Edition) Compact Styler Professional Detang...

Tangle Teezer
" Magical Hair Brush! "

I've purchased the Tangle Teezer about three months ago and have been using it everyday ever since. I have ...

Annina Mikaela about 1 month ago

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Tangle Angel

Tangle Angel
" Precious Pink "

I hate combing my hair so this hairbrush is perfect for lazy girls like me who doesn't brush their hair reg...

Jia 5 months ago

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Magic Flowerpot Detangling Hairbrush

Tangle Teezer
" Cute but Efficient! "

My baby girl's loving it. She loves purple! Really detangles her wet hair. Perfect every morning when we ar...

Katherine over 2 years ago

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Traditional Range Brush D-143

" Brush like no other "

Denman is the best, the pillars of the hairbrush manufacturers, simply exceptional quality then and now. Ev...

Silvia 6 months ago

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Tangle Angel Cherub

Tangle Angel
" Cute and easy hair brushing! "

Don't you just love this cutie brush?! I never understood the rave around the Tangle Teezer and how a seemi...

Christine May 23 days ago

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Traditional Range Brush D-3

" Best buy! "

I always have this in my bag because I am working now and I need to be presentable every time. I use this t...

Bea 6 months ago

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Tangle Angel Xtreme

Tangle Angel
" Pricy and pretty "

You'll love this brush because it will leave your hair soft and with no tangles but its too pricy.

Anne michelle over 2 years ago

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Thermo Ceramic Straightener

" Convenient "

It makes my blow drying routine easier and faster. I have frizzy and unmanageable hair. I need to tame it b...

Monica over 1 year ago

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Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

" Sleek and handy! "

I use brushes more than a comb. This brush looks so sleek, ang ganda ng pagkaka gawa. It says perfect for c...

Dannilyn 23 days ago

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Bamboo Travel Hair Brush


I really LOVE this brush because it's so cheap, small which I do prefer than bigger ones because they are h...

Noemi 3 months ago

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Tangle Me Out Brush

Stylista Hair Essentials
₱755.00 ₱399.00
" Great dupe for Tangle Teezer "

I've been loving the Tangle teezer ever since I discovered it, but the only downside is that it's quite pri...

Rica over 1 year ago

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Blow-Styling Brush (Half Paddle)

Tangle Teezer
" Tangle teezer "

Blow styling hald paddle of tangle teezer i bought this because it is fifty precent off so it is a good dea...

Mariel 2 months ago

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