Top Reviewed Products for Flat Irons and Curlers

Colorful Seasons Ceramic Straightener

₱9,100.00 ₱2,500.00
" Great for Beginners "

I have to admit I'm a little scared of frying my hair with a straightening iron but this was really easy to...

Kat about 1 year ago

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Grande Curls Hair Curler

₱9,100.00 ₱2,990.00
" Very convenient, fast, and easy! "

I have always used straighteners in doing curls in my hair although, I have always been in hunt with hair c...

Bea over 1 year ago

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Colorful Seasons Mini

₱7,100.00 ₱1,990.00

I was so happy when I bought this because I got it on SALE! It was really great deal for me. When I got the...

Toni 3 months ago

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Colorful Seasons Complete Set

₱17,200.00 ₱5,500.00
" Hair kit for travelers! "

This is a must for every traveler! My husband and i travels a lot, and this kit always saves my hair! I can...

Michelle 11 months ago

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Negative Ion 3-in-1 Hair Styling Tool [MD-BO15]

" Efficient and Handy! "

I bought this at 50% off and it was well worth the money. It doesn't dry out my hair and it comes in a cute...

Kia 19 days ago

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1" Tourmaline Flat Iron

₱13,100.00 ₱4,600.00
" Works "

This is special to me because this is what I used abroad and despite the weather that my hair wasn't used t...

Jonalyn over 1 year ago

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Sonar 3 in 1 Multi Iron

" Travel companion "

I love how this iron is three in one! It is travel friendly, safe and makes lovely different hairstyles. I ...

Bettina over 1 year ago

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2 in 1 Curl/Straight Mini Iron

₱550.00 ₱495.00
" Small but mighty "

Love it! The size is perfect for travelling! Not 100% sure though about the dual voltage claim. Says on the...

Beatrice 4 months ago

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Animal Print Flat Iron

₱13,100.00 ₱4,600.00
" Nostalgia "

First of all, the design of this animal print flat iron is very nostalgic to me. Somehow it reminds me of v...

Jonalyn over 1 year ago

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Baby Curls

₱7,100.00 ₱1,990.00
" Must buy!! "

I am really fond of doing baby curls! I remember when I was in college, I bought one which literally burned...

kristine 12 months ago

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Shinon 2 in 1 Multi Iron


This is very handy especially when we have presentations and plays in school where we need to have differen...

Kimmy 6 months ago

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Clipless Curling Iron 38mm (Gray)

₱1,760.00 ₱1,672.00
" Clipless Curling Iron 38mm "

I have stick straight hair and I have a difficult time curling it. The curling iron works like other expens...

SarahSerenityXIX 8 days ago

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M601C28 Professional Three Barrel Curling Iron (Yellow)

₱1,870.00 ₱1,777.00
" loving the curls "

This product is very easy to use and i really love the result. Just ensure that you put heat protectant on ...

Liza about 1 year ago

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Colorful Seasons Ceramic Straightener Mini (Purple)

" surprised "

i was not expecting it to be this small. it would have been great if the size of the iron will be included ...

Tin over 1 year ago

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