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Detox Dry Shampoo

" Keeps your hair bouncy and healthy! "

I wash my hair everyday but then I've heard recently it is bad so I searched for dry shampoos and this is b...

Zaira Mae over 1 year ago

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Pronto Dry Shampoo

Oscar Blandi
" A must have! "

I fell in love with dry shampoos, and this product is the reason why! This product is a must have with stud...

Kristine 2 months ago

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Dryspell Dry Shampoo

" Lovely! "

I use dry shampoo every now and then especially when I am out of the country. I travel a lot because of my ...

Beau about 2 years ago

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Fix Professional Shampoo & Dash Dry Shampoo

" Must have! "

I’ve been using this for several months now, and I just love it... Considering its price, it works really w...

Sam 4 months ago

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Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

Beach Born
" My little secret! "

I really love this product! Been using this for 3 months already! I got this first from Nava Boutique in Gr...

Marie about 2 years ago

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Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo

Made by David Organics

It's like this - I am that kind of person who is trying to save my hair from all the side effects it is sho...

Anne over 1 year ago

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Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Invigorating

" I found the one! "

My hair is so damaged from constant washing and shampooing. I've always been told not to wash it everyday b...

Leilani over 1 year ago

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Beach Born Dry Shampoo

Beach Born
" Perfect for tamad girls like me 😝 "

Great for oily and sticky hair. I don't wash my hair daily so i decided for the first time to buy a hair pr...

Aby about 1 year ago

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Tresemme Dry Shampoo Instant Refresh 250ml

" Useful on busy days "

I use this a lot on days when I don't have the time to take a bath, blow dry my hair and the works. It save...

Bea 4 months ago

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Tinted Dry Shampoo Powder (Cinnamon & Orange Scented)

PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives
₱180.00 ₱149.00
" Sticky hair, begone! ( wish it smelled more citrus-y though) "

I absolutely love this product. I have always had a problem with my hair looking oily everytime I skip a ba...

Gwyn Ursula Mae 6 months ago

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Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

₱1,500.00 ₱700.00
" Best dry shampoo! "

It might be a little pricey compared to other dry shampoos but it's still the best. Hope beautyMNL restocks...

Ashleigh 6 months ago

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Dove Hair Therapy Dry Shampoo Refresh+Care Volume & ...

" Value for money "

This is basically the same as the original Dove dry shampoo, they just changed the packaging. The product w...

Jessica 9 months ago

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Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (Aerosol)

" Love! "

I learned about this product when my hair stylist applied this all over my hair after my hair treatment. He...

Beau over 2 years ago

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Toni&Guy Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo 250ml

Toni & Guy
" L o v e "

I use this dry shampoo every time my super-thick hair gets oily (which is often) or when it just needs a mi...

Erika over 1 year ago

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Hair Heroes Super Fresh Dry Shampoo

Snoe Beauty
₱599.00 ₱300.00
" Smells good and lasts long "

I recently revived my bottle of this because I started using a shampoo bar that I found too harsh for daily...

Lyka about 1 month ago

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Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo

White Beauty International

This is a perfect dry shampoo for everyone who's always having a hard time to wash their hair and also to t...

Alliah Belle 4 months ago

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Bumble and Bumble
" Just perfect! "

I got this last year when the hype about hair blowouts was all over the news. I used this primarily to exte...

Bec over 2 years ago

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Dry Shampoo

Hello Gorgeous
" Sigh "

I really wanted to like this product as I found the scent of my go-to organic dry shampoo similar to cooke...

Faye 24 days ago

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