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Cherry Bomb 🍒

I bought this on a whim cause I wanted to have a last hoorah before I dyed my bleached hair back to it's natural color and I have to say I looooove it! This color treatment actually left my hair in a better state after I used it. It smells sooo good and was super easy to use as well.

Alyanna Marie 4 days ago

Overnight solution for my painfully cracked lips

I once had something urgent to attend to that I had no time to take care of my skin and was brought back to reality by my hurting lips. They were so dry and chapped I have not experienced it in my 20 years of existence. I tried this product from my sister (she uses this daily) and I was amazed at the fast acting solution to my dillema!

Silvia 4 days ago

My College BFF

I used to love a no-makeup make up look and this was the most essential part of my routine! This BB Cream, and my only BB Cream at that, does the job well in giving me smooth and even skin. It does a pretty nice job at making my pimple marks appear unnoticeable and it was really sensitive skin-friendly as I was able to use it for 4 years and not have breakouts because of it. I was lucky I tried this from my mom and I instantly fell in love. It feels light on the skin and it sticks and settles like a second skin. Set it with some powder and there you'll have your baby face look.

Silvia 4 days ago

They say shampooing must not be done everyday but...

They are not correct this time around. Haha. I feel like I am bringing back my hair to life after every shampoo. It actually makes my hair soft despite the damaged tips from rebonding and colouring. I also like the smell, it is so salon-like. I've switched and I can say that I will be forever a Tresemme girl now! My hair owes this shampoo and conditioner a lot.

Silvia 4 days ago


The mask had a generous amount of product in it and fit my face well, so it really packed the moisture into my skin. It smelled pretty good too and left my face so soft to the touch when I woke up the next morning. However, as a charcoal mask, I was really hoping it'd keep my oiliness under control for at least a few hours but didn't really do it for me; maybe I was expecting too much out of it. Overall it did leave my face bright and clear so I'm still very satisfied with it and will most likely buy it again.

Chii 4 days ago

Perfect for all skintones!

This is the only red liquid lipstick I own and I am not even sorry. This is the only red lipstick I should have and I am good to go. I love that it is such a sweet kind of red, not the daring one. It can be worn as an everyday look with subtle eye makeup (just mascara) or it can also go well with an evening look with bold eye make up. The formula is great, but you must learn how to work fast as it can dry quickly. Also, the art of applying this comes with practice. Beginners should proceed with caution because this can apply really really thick and then crack and wipe off easily when eating. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite shades from Kylie!

Silvia 4 days ago

Best face powder!

AMAZING! My face doesn't get oily and it evens out my skin. It really does blur out the uneven spots. I use it everyday and it's the perfect product for quick touch ups. I easily turn red under the sun and this helps me dial down the redness on my face.

Nikki 4 days ago

Product is great but packaging can be better

I think this stuff really works well. I have been using it for about a month now and I dont seem to use as much eyebrow makeup as I used to before. It has no added fragrance to it, the liquid is very thick, as what castor oil is supposed to be. One thing I dont like about it is the packaging, it is housed in a flimsy plastic container. Dont twist it so much to close it, as the cap cracks easily (mine has 2 cracks now so I have to store it in a vertical position lest it spills ) Also, the spoolie applicator pulls away from the cap sometimes that I have to open and close it for it to reattach again. Product quality itself is good, but they can do better with the packaging.

Angela 4 days ago

Highly recommended

Been using it for two weeks during commute Likes: > Can be used on the face. At least my type of face. I rarely get breakouts from this. > Helps conceal blemishes with its thick powdery consistency. Little need to apply makeup as a result. > It looks like it can even out my skin tone. Hello sleeveless tops! > Powdery, not oily. Gives my skin a matte finish. My type of sun block. > Does not make my skin look old, unlike the sunblocks commercially available in drug stores. > Good for teens and children too. My sisters’ skins improved. Considering that they had to attend pubic schools and be under the sun for inordinate amounts of time, they don’t suffer sunburns anymore. The skin tone on their forehead improved and became more even with their faces, because our other beauty products had the chance to work on their faces without the sun ruining it for them.

Monica 4 days ago

Pretty impressive for such a short time using it

Likes: > Fixed my dry peeling skin in two days! I used Kojic acid soap on my face by mistake, so my skin peeled for days. When I applied the serum, my skin peeled more gracefully now (no more skin bits) and this serum gave me a slightly more radiant and even glow. > Fragrant. i hope the fragrance is organic, though. > Better than Jericho serum in making my skin radiant and soft. Dislikes: > My face gets soaked in its oils when I wake up in the morning. > Does not address the coarse look on my face. Jericho’s serum does its job on that part. It’s not really a problem, though. I will find a proper exfoliant. Tips in using: > Don’t rely on this serum alone. Make sure you clean your face first and apply your other creams. I use Nlighten Collagen Soap to clean my face. Then I apply toner. Then I apply retinoic acid on my face and neck first (evenings) and glycolic acid on my face and neck (mornings), especially around the eye area. Only after they dry I’d apply the serum. > Get an exfoliant. I’’m considering to use the Jericho pomegranate peeling jelly to even out the skin after washing my face. > To accelerate the radiant glow, consider using another product that provides the same properties as this serum. I have been using Nlighten’s collagen soap for a couple of months now.

Monica 4 days ago

Kylie said this is the perfect nude - she was right!

As this is my very first Kylie lippie, I was blown away by how long lasting a liquid lipstick is. You can eat whatever and still have your lipstick in place. It also does not come off without the help of cleansing oils or wet wipes. I personally love the smell of Kylie lip kits - the candy-like or chocolatey smell, and also the consistency. Be sure to take a light hand in applying so as not to make it too thick and cement-like. hahaha. This is my favorite nude liquid lipstick ever!

Silvia 4 days ago

Candy Lips

This smells like Christmas! It is cinnamon-y and something more. Smelling it is already so relaxing. Applying it to the lips is actually very effective in exfoliating gently. It has a sticky feel in the end but do not fret, it would soon disappear. It is okay with me as long as it helps me achieve soft and smooth lips. And even though the tub is so so small, a little really goes a long ways to it will surely last for months. Great find!

Silvia 5 days ago

Goodbye, oily skin!

This stuff is amazing. My cheeks and t-zone area tend to be incredibly oily in the middle of the day (especially in hot, humid weather) and this toner is the perfect product to combat oil. Does a great job at removing oil, excess make-up, and dirt from pollution. It's also helped in minimizing my pores, and even lightened my sunspots. The size and amount of product you get from the price is also a major steal! Hands down my favorite Innisfree product.

Rica 5 days ago

Immediate and noticeable results!! Great addition to your skincare routine!

First product I tried from COSRX and I was not disappointed. I've been looking for the perfect essence to lighten my stubborn sunspots and I finally found it!! The consistency is great and a little goes a long way. It absorbs easily and I love how it's a matte finish. After a week of using this twice a day, my skin is noticeably brighter and my pores were less visible. If you're looking for a lightening and moisturizing product, this is the perfect one for you! Will definitely repurchase <3

Rica 5 days ago

What Can I Say? Just Wow

If you are actually looking for value for your money, this is hands down the most appropriate product to buy! The contour, blush and highlight pans are unexpectedly big and you are sure to be covered with your everyday contour routine. I love how there is also a guide on the cover but I suggest that it would be better if there was a mirror instead, that would have been perfect. The product is super pigmented and I like the peachy blush. It's perfect for any season, Summer or just for everyday use. I also use the bronzer for a subtle contour. The highlighter is super good! It gives you the kinda wet look that is so natural to the eye.Love this si much!

Silvia 5 days ago

Worth to try!

When I received this product, I started to try it every night because of the dryness of my lips, the product is so effective in just 5-8 days you'll see the difference, the smell is SO good, it smells like candy and a kind of a little bit smooth when you apply it to your lips. You should try too. :)

April 5 days ago

The secret to bright dewy skin!

Noticeable difference in just a week! I have sensitive skin and products with Vitamin C usually irritate and break me out, but this serum was surprisingly gentle! There was a mild tingling sensation on my first use, but really nothing to worry about. It brightened my skin tone and helped me achieve a dewy glow! I especially love the formula -- lightweight, fast-absorbing, and doesn't have an oily and sticky finish. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen if you apply this in the mornings! :)

Rica 5 days ago

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dupe

Dope Taupe is the perfect color for me! I have kinda dark brows so it sort of neutralizes the color so that it does not appear too strong. I only use this to outline my brows to give it the perfect arch and to cover a few bald spots. Then my eyebrows are good to go and I often get comments that it is always on fleek. This is my go-to eyebrow pomade as it doesn't budge even if i scratch my brow area. It's even water resistant! I love this. I would definitely repurchase.

Silvia 5 days ago

Strong, Independent Woman

At first, this was too dark for me because I have pigmented lips but I managed to adjust my application so that it is not too thick and sometimes I use a nude lip liner beneath. This is perfect whenever I have an attitude and want to reflect it on my face. With eyebrows on fleek, this will be a sure facial statement. The formula is also nice on the lips. It is smooth to apply but it kind of dries quickly so work fast!

Silvia 5 days ago

Perfect for a Mysterious Look

The brand colourpop is equivalent to greatness - whatever product they might release, it is just sure to be a hit! I originally wanted a dupe for Kylie's Dolce K and found this. But I ended up liking this one more. This is just long lasting among the long lasting liquid lipsticks. Even after eating oily food, my lipstick stays in place and I do not have to worry about a thing. This formula is not as drying as the older ones. I love this. It does not wash me out and is a sexy, mysterious kinda nude.

Silvia 5 days ago