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Skincare gaming level 9999

This is the first product I ordered on beautymnl as well as the first korean product that I use. This product is a game changer for me. After the first application, I felt that my skin is so clean, smooth and refreshed. I love the cooling sensation that I felt. I used this 3 times a week. Every single time I used this, it felt like my skin is glowing. This product is one of my weekly beauty rituals. Definitely a good buy!

Mara Ivy 2 days ago


I've bought this twice already! Taste great with asian dishes like Pad Thai, or cooked into any type of curry. Do not follow the 7 min cook time if you enjoy pasta with a bite (try cooking to 4 mins only). What I do is I cook this directly into the sauce of whatever I'm making. Pay close attention to it as it cooks quickly and continues sucking up whatever is around it.

Denise 3 days ago

Strawberry Freshness

Scorned as I am to admit it, I have a bacne problem. I got this product hoping to see if I'd have any improvement and after my first use I noticed immediately that my skin felt softer all over even before I applied their Decadent Body Butter, the dirt and dead skin building up on my bacne was effectively sloughed off. The next day they definitely appeared smaller. I use this product 3 times a week, and by the end of my first week using this body scrub--my bacne has reduced greatly, I only see very very small bumps that are fading away. The smell of Strawberry and Green Tea is a big plus! The apricot seed can be a bit rough on your skin so exfoliate with care. As for me, I haven't had any issue with skin irritation. I'm definitely going to try out the other variants when I'm finished with the jar I have.

Leanna 3 days ago


THIS IS HOLY GRAIL LEVELS!!!!!! i always make sure i use a hydrating serum and let me tell you, THIS DOES THE JOB. this leaves my skin feeling sooooo plump and soft, i could almost hear my skin thanking me every time i apply it!! honestly though i was a bit iffy at first about the dropper cause the consistency is kind of thick so not a lot of product gets in there. eventually i came to love it though cause it does help in controlling how much product you use and it's super hygienic and savvy to just directly put it on your face. also, despite the consistency it doesn't leave my skin sticky or oily at all! it just drinks it all up! i use it both day and night. can't get over how much i love this so much you HAVE to try it!! super glad i made the switch! <3

Anne 3 days ago

Good value local honey, will definitely buy this again!

Loved it! I was actually looking for a local honey because I read that its better for boosting immunity as compared to imported ones since it contains pollens or other stuff from one's local environment. It allows the body to adjust to those possible allergens thereby improving immunity. Also this honey provides real value for money. I've done a per milliliter comparison from grocery brands. I think this one has best value. I'd buy this again definitely.

Honeyleen 3 days ago

Perfect product for always-on-the-go girls!

I love how I can easily apply this product on my cheeks and transform my look from drab to fab! One swipe is all it takes, and blend out! Put two or three more swipes for that girl boss look. Perfect for always-on-the-go people like me. :) Even the shade I bought suits my skin color. Overall, I love it! Will definitely buy the other shades. :)

Jaana 3 days ago

Love at first use!

I just used it now and I loved the effect! I did not have to use a concealer to hide my dark under eye area. My colleagues even complimented me that I look fresh today. Its scent is mild, and the oiliness is not an issue as it's easy to blend in my skin. I will really use this product everyday!

Jaana 3 days ago

The formula is okay.

I've been looking for my MLBB lipstick. I read a lot of good reviews about the shade Beige Reveur so I decided to give it a try. However, contrary to popular belief, the shade appeared too dark against my skin tone. I'm kayumanggi all over but the shade didn't suit me. I'll probably just try the other shades since I like the formula anyway.

Marlene 3 days ago


Hindi ako pala gamit ng powder foundation kasi para sa akin nagmumukhang dry o cakey yung finish. Pero nung na-try ko itong ellana loose mineral foundation ito na yung mas madalas kong ginagamit lalo na kapag nagmamadali ako.. Hindi siya masyadong matte or dry katulad nung ibang powder na naeenhance yung pores at dry patches ko. Kaunting swipe or brush lang sa face instant coverage na pero hindi nito masyado natatakpan yung ibang malalang acne scars ko pero nalilighten naman ng kaunti.. And para sa akin mas nagiging natural yung finish niya pag nagsisimula ng mag-oil up ung face ko. Kasundo siya ng oily skin ko. I'll definitely buy this again.

Abihail 3 days ago


I must say that this is the first time I've used this product. Is it just me or it's too waxy? It smells weird too. Though It did a good job on making my lips smooth. I really just have have issues on its smell and feel. It's really really sticky and weird.

Hanna 3 days ago

Tastes good! But, it's so small :(

I bought this because I love champorado. It's really yummy but the size caught me off guard. It would have been great if it wasn't so small! I don't know if it's still worth the price if it's this small. I also can't tell how many calories there are because there's no nutritional facts on the packaging. I don't know if I want to repurchase again on my next order.

Karen Lei 3 days ago

Easy to use

I would say this is brow pencil for beginners. I've purchased this twice already and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another. The liner is just enough size to line the brows evenly, not too thick, not too thin. The powder though is a bit of a challenge for me probably because I can't get as much of the powder on the brush as I want to. You'd be able to finish the liner already but there's still powder left so if you want to save up you just have to buy a different liner next time and use the powder of this product.

Jenny 3 days ago

Worth every penny...if you're a Nori fan!

I took a risk by buying this despite this product having zero reviews. For the past 3 weeks, I've been trying out each snack that Health and Wellness has to offer and this one takes the cake. I'm very biased when it comes to Nori so if you're not a california maki or kimbap fan, this snack is not for you. Let me enumerate what's great about this snack (aside from the health benefits): One, it's a large bag and most products here have large bags but when you open them there is HARDLY any contents inside (Oh so Healthy snacks, I'm looking at you!), this however has A LOT of food inside. So, you definitely get what you pay for. Two, it's super yummy and crunchy! At hindi nakakasawa. It doesn't have a bad after taste and each bite is just so GOOD. I'm definitely buying more of this in the very near future. Good job, Vegetari Healthy Bites! :)

Karen Lei 3 days ago

Hair Hero, indeed.

This product does not disappoint. I love it! It tames my styling-damaged hair. And the biggest win is that it adds volume! I love how I don’t need to blowdry or iron my hair to style it in place. I just comb and I’m good to go. I’m glad I bought it on sale here in BeautyMNL but I would still buy even on regular price. Definitely worth a try!

Mary Gay 3 days ago

Not so user blush friendly

It’s a little hard to get the hang of applying it. Compared to a different brand but same type of blush, this one’s harder to blend. I stopped using it after few tries. Lipstain part is okay though. It stays all day. I wouldn’t repurchase it though it’s a cheap buy.

Mary Gay 3 days ago

My moiturizer since forever

This product is just amazing! I have been using this for as long as I remember. It helps my skin to stay moisturized and helps me maintain my fair complexion. I usually use this after I wash my face as water tends to dry our skin. It also has SPF 30 which is good before going out of the house. I use it as a day cream. For night time, before i go to sleep, I use the Ponds Flawless White Night Cream. These Ponds products are a perfect combination. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their skin moisturized.

Susanne 3 days ago

On the Go

It's a local brand but I know that it's worth it and worth to try for you. Easy to apply and easy to use! It will last whole day. For me as I travel and I have an oily skin its very handy and such great natural blush!. :) But the cons in this blush is it melts easily. Great for having a drunk blush too.

Jen 3 days ago

good for acne scars

i've been using this for a month now and i have noticed that the acne scars on my cheeks have reduced significantly ever since! it hasn't broken me out at all and one bottle would probably last me for much longer. the scent was bothersome at first but after awhile i have adapted to its scent that it doesn't bother me anymore. it is definitely a gem for its price!

Franchezka Lei 4 days ago

worth it!

i've been using this toner for a month now and i must say i haven't broken out at all since i started using it! i use it as a facial mist sometimes and i like how cool it feels on my skin. worth it for its prince, will definitely repurchase someday!

Franchezka Lei 4 days ago

My Miracle

I had a sudden acne problem that didn't happen until I was 24. It was so bad that I almost lost all my hope to all things acne. This solved my problem so easily. I only used it for a week and no pimple emerged! I am so grateful and so amazed by this product. It's only been 3 months since I'm semi-blemish free (I still have the pimple marks), and I've already stocked for a years worth! Haha. Couldn't recommend enough.

Hana Vi 4 days ago