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Sunscreen On The Go!

Didn't thought that this sunscreen would be this cute! The packaging is like an EOS lip balm! The scent is powdery and not harsh. It kinda reminds of a mild deodorant fragrance, powdery smell. The performance of the product is great. It's like a korean suncreen product for me. I have a fair skin tone and it works perfectly on my oily skin. I didn't breakout at all. I use this as a make up base for a beautful glowing look. Definitely a value for money!

Edel Joyce 5 days ago

Excellent powder, but the container is a little messy.

I like the powder a lot! I'm not really into tinted powder. I've been using baby powder as my setting powder and was looking for a nice translucent one to replace it when I came across this. I read the reviews and decided to give this a try. The powder itself is nice. It set my make up nicely. But you really have to buff it out or else it makes your face white. The only thing I didn't like is that it creates a little mess every time you open it, with or without the puff inside. You really have to be extra careful opening the package up so you won't waste product.

Miriam 5 days ago

Not gonna lie

I like W7's products and I just bought this primer recently, it felt really good and made my pores not visible and made my face so smooth but here's the thing - my make up didn't stayed long. I had some retouch after like 3 hours after. I have a oily skin so I guess it doesn't work too long cause of it (maybe for those others who have oily skin like mine works to them but in my case, it didn't). Overall, I'd still order this product if I run out haha cause I definetely love all W7's products.

Dessa 5 days ago


I've been looking for a foundation that suits my skin tone perfectly without having to mix two different shades! The foundation itself is lightweight and has medium coverage. It's buildable to full coverage, but I like it the way it is. I blindly ordered my shade (FK115), basing the shades only on photos of swatches online. I'm very very happy that it matches my skintone perfectly, doesn't grease me up, and looks natural. Nothing but love for this foundation!

Miriam 5 days ago

Drugstore holy grail product!

I've been using Benefit's mascara for the longest time now but my mom has been complaining that it's expensive lol. So I researched online a cheaper but equally amazing mascara and this did not disappoint! I build this up with powder in between coats for more amazing lashes. It holds up a curl nicely. The formula itself isn't that clumpy (a few here and there but nothing extreme). I haven't experienced flaking nor smudging. Love!

Miriam 5 days ago

Good liner!

For P199, you wouldn't go wrong with this liner. Wore it for 5 hours before it started fading. Not really smudging, but I had to retouch since the blackness of it was fading a bit. Never was a fan of pencil liners, but this one was a steal. Perfect for days where you just want a subtle eye look.

Miriam 5 days ago

Amazing brush head!

I've always wanted to try one of these oval brushes. I was looking for a foundation brush since my former one was desperate to be replaced. I cam across this and saw that it was on sale. I read the reviews and into my cart it went. I read that it was small so I was expecting that when I got the brush. The bristles are so soft yet firm since they're packed very well together - perfect for foundation. Despite it being on the smaller side, this brush is actually nice. Except for one thing, I find the "neck" (is that what you call it) of the brush very bendy. It gets annoying to use if you accidentally stroke it the wrong way as it will bend and flex. But other than that, very good product!

Miriam 5 days ago

Love the hydrating effect :)

I bought this mask just to complete my order for free shipping from way back, and i gotta say i got lucky. This mask made my skin super hydrated, and there are lots of essence left in the pack that you can actually use for your neck (i put some in my elbows and knees too - like i said, there's a lot of essence!). It's mildly scented, did not cause any severe reaction to my skin and made my skin look plump the next day. :)

Sarie 5 days ago

Pwede na!

I've been purchasing brushes individually from different brands over the past years, depending on what I need at the moment or what brush has given up on me already. I got really busy with school that I forgot about my love for make up for a while. When I finally had the time and energy to do so, I knew I had to start my collection again since most of the products I have are either expired, outdated, or stiff (for most of my brushes). I decided to start off with buying a set of brushes. I waitlisted for this specific set since the former reviews were pretty nice and I wanted ones that looked simple and practical. I got underwhelmed by the size of the brushes when I got them, I imagined them to be bigger. The powder brush was small that it would be better used as a blush brush. I was originally thinking of giving this product three stars, but the softness of the bristles and the quality (although small in size) of the brushes are actually very nice. True to the review of others, this brush is okay for beginners. But I recommend buying a fluffier and bigger powder brush. 3 starts for size, but four stars for the build of the brush and the quality and texture of the bristles.

Miriam 5 days ago

Lifts even the tiniest whiteheads! :)

Actually, I bought it out of curiosity. I read the reviews and it looks promising so I tried and it totally works for me! It kinda looked like a cleansing balm - once you put it it your face (esp on the problem areas: nose, forehead, cheek and chin), it will melt and start lifting those blackheads/whiteheads while you massage it on your face. I love that it makes my skin soft and smooth to touch after rinsing, and it made my pores look smaller than it usually is. Definitely worth a try. :)

Sarie 5 days ago

Best Buy!

I really really love this Lip Lingerie! I like the shades Ruffle Trim and Exotic but, I only got the latter one. The applicator is easy to use and it dries up quickly, compared to the Nyx Soft matte. I noticed that when I drink, just a little product transfers on my cup! It's great! It also stays so long on my lips! There are so many thing to love with this!

Faye 5 days ago


I got it on sale and I'm not regretting that I gave it a try. I love the color and its payoff. The applicator is easy to use. It smells so good, not too much. It's not bothering for me considering that I'm sensitive with products which have a strong fragrance. If you are looking for great liquid lipsticks, you must really take this one!

Faye 5 days ago

Great Pampering Set! :)

If you like masks, this is a great buy. I came across this holiday set when i am looking for a gift for a monita, and i was not disappointed. This set takes care of your every need - plumps your skin? check. softens and hydrates? check. nourish and rejuvenate? check. clams and heals? check. But if you do not act fast, you'll never get to try this holiday set - it is always sold out :)

Sarie 5 days ago

Smells so good and works as expected

OK what else did I expect from a natural sunblock, aside from the UV ray-blocking capabilities? The scent was alluring for some reason! Of course natural sunblock tends to leave a whitish film on the skin that looks very unnatural. I could live with that. But the light scent reminds me of olive soap, and it's not offensive at all! I also like the pump bottle since it makes it more hygienic to use. Downside is the packaging might prevent you from using it all up.

Ethel 5 days ago


I got mine in the shade Kering Keri. I so love it! The color variation is so good and my best pick was the Kering Keri. So creamy! It's like a creamy matte lipstick. It doesn't make my lips dry, too. It's just that you must take another layer to really get the right color for this. But, overall, this is good and worth the money!

Faye 5 days ago

My new decongestant

My first essential oil haul from beautymnl and from this brand consisted of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and jasmine. For peppermint, I decided to use this when I'm having bouts of cold, which happens quite often with this weird weather we have. I put a few drops on a thick cotton bud and started sniffing it. A few minutes later, congestion was gone!! I love this stuff! Will explore other benefits as well.

Lesley Ann 5 days ago

Calming and natural migraine remedy

I've recently encountered people who swore by the healing effects of essential oils. I did some research and found that they do have amazing therapeutic benefits. Since I didn't want to splurge yet on the very expensive popular brand only available in the US, I decided to give this local version a try. I'm glad I did try it because it did help me when I'm stressed out or when I can't sleep (best used with a diffuser). Also I found that it can be applied directly on my temples when I have bouts of migraine and voila! Instant and all natural relief without needing to pop up a pill. So for those wanting to experience the miracle of essential oils, this here is the perfect and affordable product to start with.

Lesley Ann 5 days ago

Nice shade and non-drying

This is the cheap dupe for Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tint but this one is wayyy better. It’s long-lasting, non-drying and natural looking plus it’s cheaper. People are complimenting me whenever I have this on my lips and I don’t really need to re-paint my lips even after eating or drinking. The entire container will last for more than a month. I will definitely but this product again. But I hope there are more shades to choose from.

Claire 5 days ago

Healthiest chocolate substitute

This product is the best and healthy alternative to chocolate. It’s bitter sweet and you won’t have any guilt in eating the entire pack. It’s good to eat this as a snack. I would definitely try the other products of Manila Superfoods. It’s cheap but very healthy. A good food for all those who are into healthy eating.

Claire 5 days ago

The best Vitamin C moisturizer ever!

I’ve been hearing so many people raving about this product so I decided to give it a go. I fell in love with it. It’s not sticky and it really made my skin healthy-looking, moisturized and so soft. I’m about to finish my container and I already waitlisted for it. I have tried different moisturizers and I say that this is the best one out there plus it’s cheap. Try it and you will also fall in love with it.

Claire 5 days ago