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Smooch Lip Detox with SPF15

V&M Naturals
" Softer, smoother, pinker lips "

This is, hands down, the best lip balm I have ever tried. And trust me when I say I have tried them ALL. I ...

angela 9 months ago

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Bare It All Cream in Minty (100g)

V&M Naturals
" Works for my chicken skin "

I've been using this for over a week now every morning and night. And I absolutely love the minty cooling f...

Ysabel over 1 year ago

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Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF 30

V&M Naturals
" Sunscreen HG, hands down. "

I don't usually shut up about the benefits of using a good sunscreen -- I talk about it to anyone who'll li...

Harmony 10 months ago

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Tsubaki Oil

V&M Naturals
" Best one I've used for eye bags "

Been using this for a month now, not even regularly since there are days when I'm too lazy with my complete...

Carline Marie over 1 year ago

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Copaiba Oil

V&M Naturals
" It really delivers!! Best ever!! "

I bought a bottle a few months ago, wasn't able to try it until recently (2-3 weeks ago). And wow how it am...

Nurhusna 12 months ago

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Rosehip Oil

V&M Naturals
" Flawless face everyday! "

Pimple marks/red marks were a big issue for me because I have fair skin. It pretty obvious and It lowers d...

Louise 6 months ago

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Shoo! Quadru-Essential Insect Repellent

V&M Naturals
" it works! "

This is one of the best insect repellent out there! I think I prefer an all natural way of using these type...

Bea about 2 months ago

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Bespoke Fragrance: Peaches and Tropics

V&M Naturals
" Scent That Break Necks "

You can tell how much of a fan I am with the amount of V&M Naturals products I have purchased. This scent &...

Patricia Alec 3 months ago

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Argan Oil

V&M Naturals
" No. 1 Beauty Oil! "

I have never needed any other moisturizer since this! I use it day and night, but just a little in the morn...

Anj 12 months ago

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Total Potion: Tamarind Insta-Lift Power Serum

V&M Naturals
" A Must Have Product ! "

Its a must have product in the skin regimen of my group age. It made my skin smooth and soft. It has beco...

Lani 8 months ago

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Bespoke Fragrance: Iris and Incense

V&M Naturals
" My new favorite! "

For decades, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT was my hands down favorite scent of all time. Floral scents were...

Cristina 9 months ago

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Orange Cinnamon Body Sorbet

V&M Naturals
" Husband Approves! "

I love Cinnamon so I just needed to try this. This isn't the first product I tried from this super cool loc...

Tina 8 days ago

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Hazelnut Oil

V&M Naturals
" Hazelnut oil "

It's really good and a must have. it controls the oil in my face and makes my pimples dry fast. It can mini...

Alfren Kristson 3 months ago

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Himalayan Salt Lamp (7-9kg/15-20lbs)

V&M Naturals

My dad brought this home so I'm going to review it because it sits in my room for a month now. Yes, it is m...

Kimmy 4 months ago

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CPC+G Oil (30ml)

V&M Naturals

I would like to initially say that my UA is in a very worst state. I'm "balbon" and had UA hair since I was...

Lyka 9 months ago

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Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

V&M Naturals
" Best Toner Ever! "

I super love this product! I finally found an alcohol-free natural toner. What else can I say? For me, this...

Jen 11 months ago

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Bikini Bomb

V&M Naturals
" It's a treasure meant to be found. "

This is ahhmeeezzziinggg!!! I applied this product (together with Exfobomb and CPc+G oil) on my butt and bi...

Airene 12 months ago

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V&M Naturals
" My pits' HG deo! "

I stopped using antiperspirant early this year because I realised I had been taxing my body by not allowing...

Dana 11 months ago

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Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil (30ml)

V&M Naturals
" Amazing product for the skin - good for eczema and other skin problems "

I've only been using this for a few days and I can already see why people are raving about this. My skin is...

Ana Mariel 2 months ago

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V&M Naturals
" It's a treasure meant to be found. "

This is ahhmeeezzziinggg!!! I applied this product (together with Bikini bomb and CPG+G oil) on my butt and...

Karissa 12 months ago

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