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Peach Thy Lashes

" Ooh La Lashes: Thicker Brows and Lashes in No Time! "

I bought this product 3 days ago for my curiosity's sake, and I'm honestly surprised with its effect so far...

Andrea 11 months ago

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Pearl White Soap


It was last summer last year when I first discovered Skin potions. I was suffering from breakouts. And THIS...

Danelle about 1 month ago

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Glowbomb Highlighter Palette

" Dupe for De'Lanci Highlight Palette "

The first thing that comes on my mind when i first saw the glowbomb palette is the 'i like you' colourpop p...

Jane 13 days ago

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Lip Cake

" I don't know bout you, but I'd hoard these If I can. "

Long lasting! Worth the price. I have tried all sorts of brands and this by far lasted longer than expected...

Shane 5 months ago

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" Bang for your buck! "

I've known that brow cushions have existed quite awhile but the Korean counterpart is expensive. I've alway...

Nicole 24 days ago

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Watermelon Shocker Soap


I am absolutely in love with this product and would definitely recommend/buy again. I have a really oily sk...

Mariah 12 days ago

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Snow Fresh Essence

" HG! "

I wanted to wait longer before posting a review of this, but i got too excited as the effects can be seen e...

angela 13 days ago

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Chiselled Contour and Highlight Stick

" My fave contour & highlight stick!!! <3 "

I LOVE this contour stick!!!! The dark shade is perfect for my morena skin and the highlighter end is divin...

Jewel 8 days ago

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Pearl White Cream

" Worth buying! "

I bought this from Trendsetter Bazaar first and I've been satisfied ever since. I use a soap that's effecti...

Pat 3 months ago

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Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap

" I will always come back to this "

I have been very acne prone for almost 2 years and trust me it's so overdue already. I've been searching an...

Jai 28 days ago

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Tomato Serum (Pump Bottle)

" Healthy pinkish glow 💕 "

I've never really believed in local products until I came across Skinpotions. Really, I've never seen so go...

Pamela 10 months ago

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Snowberry Cream

" Pinkish dewy skin anyone? "

📄Use: Been applying it at the last part of my night-time routine, three minutes after my eye cream. The...

Sharmaine May 11 months ago

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Tea Berry Lip Jam

₱150.00 ₱90.00
" Love it!!!!! "

I bought "Watermelon squeeze" and "Cranberry Syrup". The packaging is so cute! and the tint is very pigment...

Justine Marie 9 months ago

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" Easy winged eyeliner! "

I bought this because I don't know how to create a winged eyeliner. This product lives up to its expectatio...

Nicole 6 months ago

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Magic Balm

" Okay lang. no noticeable effect after 1month of using "

Another false hope from too much advertising. They said "instant" daw yung effect niya. But noooo 😭 ESPECIA...

Charmaine 7 months ago

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Aloe Vera Skin Saver Gel

" Worth it! "

Aloe Vera Gel is indeed a Magic Gel. Since Skin Potion got me convince with the effectivity of their other ...

Honey 9 months ago

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Lightning Bunny

" Love the brush! "

Been a fan of Skin Potions years back and I've been wanting to try this. And tadaaa I love it. I love that...

Micah 7 months ago

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Garden Fresh Picked Deo

" No sweat! "

I used to have sweaty underarms and the commercial deo I used before just makes my UA sticky. I have been u...

Anne 11 months ago

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Sea Mint Mist

" fresh all day "

i am a skinpotions addict. i love all the products they have. excited to try this once i received my packag...

Louise Antonette 7 months ago

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Smooch Ink

" WOW! "

I have been searching for the perfect lip stain for sooooo long already and this one trumps every lip stain...

Chesca 6 months ago

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