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Lip and Cheek Stain Alive!

Skin Genie
" The secret to make it work! "

I had a hard time using it at first but the secret to make it look beautiful on you is you need to dab some...

Anachelle Casandra 9 months ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Toner with Vodka and Witch Hazel

Skin Genie
" Addicting smell. Clean face "

It must be the vodka but its so addicting to smell 😅 Tried it for the first time and WOW it truly removed a...

Angel 6 months ago

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Hair Growth Booster

Skin Genie
" This + Castor Oil = BOMB!! "

I've always had trouble with my eyebrow and eyelash hair since it's really thin and I tend to put make up m...

Sabrina about 2 months ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Soap Plus+ Foaming Wash w/ Brush

Skin Genie
" Definitely werk werk werk! "

I bought this not actually for me but for my 12 year old sister because I don't want her skin to suffer sev...

Ysh 5 months ago

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Tomato Facial Mask

Skin Genie
" Tomato Luvin' !!! <3 "

Perfect for the recovering-from-the-haggardness-from-finals phase!! The scent is a little bit bothering how...

Ace 7 months ago

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Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub for Face and Body

Skin Genie
" I feel thankful I have discovered it !! "

OMG!!! Hands down to this body scrub!!! I just really really love it and in fact I always am looking forwar...

magnolia 24 days ago

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Refreshing Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Rose Water Mist

Skin Genie

I'm a huge sucker for face mists. I think they're convenient for touch-ups, and they're perfect for no-make...

Lexi 3 months ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Lotion

Skin Genie
" Lifesaver! "

I suffer from eczema and I've been on the lookout for a product that would help ease my skin. I'm so glad I...

Mariel 10 months ago

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Natural Moisturizing Water Lotion

Skin Genie
" Miracle in a bottle! Favorite Skin Genie product! "

Undoubtedly my favorite product amongst my Skin Genie haul! How this works so well is beyond me, honestly....

Ina 7 days ago

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Hair Growth Booster (8ml)

Skin Genie
" I'm amazed! "

I was a little doubtful whether or not any product could actually do what this one claims but the reviews g...

Karen 7 months ago

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Anti EYEging

Skin Genie
" It's so effective, it's mostly on the waitlist hahahaha "

First of, this is not a solution for dark circles. This is a solution for tired eyes, so do not expect your...

Anne 9 months ago

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Bye-Bye Bush Sweet Sugar Candy Wax

Skin Genie
" The things we do for beauty "

I will never love or even like using this because it is still wax (read: painful) but it does the job well....

Kenstar 9 months ago

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Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Cream

Skin Genie
" Cheap but Effective! "

I've used a lot of pit creams before because my underarm is just a shade darker from my complexion due to c...

Alyssa 11 months ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

Skin Genie

im on my 2nd week and the number one reason why i bought this cuz recently ive been having really bad bacne...

Marie 9 months ago

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Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub

Skin Genie
" Kili-Kinis!! "

This product is affordable and effective. It is a very, very good buy. I have been using the product for al...

Marie 3 months ago

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Healthy Sunscreen with Insect Repellant, Moisturiser...

Skin Genie
" Cheap but Effective :) "

This is another value for money for product sold here at BeautyMNL. I have been using a spray sunblock whic...

NJ 10 months ago

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Blindspot Healing Stick

Skin Genie
" So liit but sulit! "

Tried it right away after I opened the package of my orders. I put it on my pimple that i have been wanting...

Chill 4 months ago

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Pit Perfect Whitening Deodorant Spray

Skin Genie
" Love love love it! :) "

Pit perfect deodorant spray is a deo from heaven! I mean, aside from the fact that it doesn't stain my whit...

chris 7 months ago

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Exfoliating Detox Masque

Skin Genie
" Worth every centavo! "

As a person who loves masks, I say this is one great product that's really worth every centavo... and is wa...

Trix 9 months ago

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Apple Cider Vinegar Cream

Skin Genie
" Recommend this for people with acne! "

I have oily, acneic skin and I read a lot of good benefits of Apple Cider Vingar so I gave this a try. It w...

Maica 8 months ago

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