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Medicated Baby Powder

" This solves my oily skin problem :) "

Another favorite! It really does absorb oil and because it is white there's no trouble applying it on and m...

Ayn Rand almost 2 years ago

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Bestselling Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser

" FAVORITE! Such a great cleanser!! "

I have tried other cleansers after finishing one bottle of this but I would still consider this as one of m...

Mariel 6 days ago

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Super Mild Shampoo Refill

" Super Wonderful ❤😍 "

I am so in love with this shampoo! I cannot stress enough how lovely your hair will smell after using this ...

Ann Kristin about 1 month ago

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Refreshing Super Mild Shampoo

" Very good! "

This is perfect for my dry and damaged hair. Certain shampoos also causes pimples for me and this is mild e...

Mariel 21 days ago

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Super Mild Conditioner Refill

" Super mild but the best conditioner ever "

I have really crazy hair, and i do get dandruff occasionally if I use shampoo or conditioner that makes my ...

Nicole 13 days ago

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Shiseido Water In Lip Cool Menthol

" Great lip balm "

Simplet yet excellent product. I love putting it at any time of the day. It goes well with any lipstick and...

Mayen over 1 year ago

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Medicated Hand Soap

" Perfect for Sensitive Skin "

My mom has cracked skin on her fingers due to hormonal imbalances and detergents and liquid soaps available...

Katherine 11 months ago

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Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner Set

" Great "

I have extremely damaged hair because I have colored and chemically bleached my hair countless times. I lik...

Maria Victoria 21 days ago

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Super Mild Conditioner

" Great conditioner "

I truly love this conditioner. So very mild and yet makes my hair silky smooth. I use this almost daily and...

vee 6 days ago

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Shiseido Water In Lip SPF 18 UV Care

" Goodbye dry lips! "

I bought this product during the time I had the worst ever experience with dry and chapping lips (most prob...

Princess 10 days ago

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Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo Refill

₱675.00 ₱531.00
" Shiseido, the best! "

I’ve never used one shampoo brand for such a long time and have never been so happy. My first choice is alw...

Cleo 20 days ago

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Your Summer Shower Essential: Super Cool Sea Breeze ...

" Cool and Refreshing "

Kudos to super speedy delivery, my orders came in the very next day. This body wash is lightly scented, not...

Yshkael 4 months ago

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Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner Refill

" Love love love "

I love this conditioner. First of all, its fragrance is just my type (perhaps people who have problems with...

Lois about 1 month ago

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Extra Moist Conditioner Refill

" another hg from shiseido "

i just love shiseido products. their formula doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin. i found that while so...

Karyl Zshamaine 3 months ago

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Supermild Hair and Scalp Mask

" Great for frizzy hair "

Just after a week of using it three times, my dry and frizzy hair got its life back. It's softer, smoother,...

Arianne 6 months ago

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Perfect Bubble for Body

" JAPAN in a bottle! "

The scent of floral isn't too overpowering, it's just subtle. This body wash literally screams Japan. Also,...

Camille 2 months ago

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Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo & Conditioner Set

" Surprising find! "

I didn't like it at first however I really grew to LOVE this set the more I use it! My hair has a lot more ...

Micole 3 months ago

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Kuyura Body Wash (Floral Scent)

" Love! "

I bought this on a whim. The interesting name and floral scent drew me in so I added it to my shopping cart...

Isabella about 1 year ago

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Oil Extra Intensive Damage Care Conditioner

" amazing "

i've always been a huge fan of the shiseido tsubaki line. i love that the scent of each conditioner is diff...

Karyl Zshamaine 5 months ago

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Perfect Bubble for Body Refill (Floral)

" Good enough to buy the full (bottle) version "

I bought the refill to try out the product first, and liked it enough to buy the bottle version. I loved th...

Paula over 1 year ago

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