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Shea Butter Lip Balm

Pixi by Petra
" SUPERB!!!! "

hayyy.. i can't leave the house without this balm. i fell so in-love with this tinted lip balm that i even ...

chimmy 3 months ago

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H2O Skintint

Pixi by Petra
" light coverage, very natural "

I like that this is a light coverage skin tint. I use it on top of my moisturizer because i don't think it'...

kay 6 months ago

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Pixi Glow Tonic (15ml)

Pixi by Petra

I think I was the one who bought the last bottle in this size. I first read about it in UK Facialist Carol...

Jinky over 1 year ago

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Pixi Glow Tonic (100ml)

Pixi by Petra
" HG! "

Using this alternately with a witch hazel toner in the morning (because this is expensive lol), and a vitam...

Kim 9 months ago

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Glow Mist

Pixi by Petra
" Amazing glow "

Wow, this mist is a must! I've been using translucent powder over my tinted moisturizer, and even though it...

Abby over 1 year ago

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Endless Silky Eye Pen

Pixi by Petra
" Best eyeliner ever "

This eyeliner is one of my best discoveries here on Beauty Manila! I'm a diehard eyeliner junkie and I have...

Catherine over 1 year ago

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Eye Bright Liner

Pixi by Petra
" Very good! "

I have tried Other nude eyeliners and i find this Pixi's eye bright liner easier to handle, smoother to ap...

Regina Raquel 11 months ago

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Dual Sharpener

Pixi by Petra
" Gives you a sharpened and nice point! "

I use this for my eyebrow products. This is really of good quality and will last for years so might as well...

Zaira Mae 9 months ago

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Pixi Glow Tonic (250ml)

Pixi by Petra
" HOLY GRAIL status!!! So worth it. "

Used up a whole bottle of this toner. It lasted me for 9 months using it day and night, everyday. So defini...

Jobi 10 months ago

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Brow Powder Palette

Pixi by Petra
" Natural Eyes~ "

Although this is a brow powder palette I actually like using this as eyeshadow because the formulation is g...

Dara Love 9 months ago

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Hydrating Milky Mist

Pixi by Petra
" Awesome Moisturizer "

I used this mist after my toner and it feels awesome. Makes my skin plump and well hydrated. No sting. It g...

Giselle about 1 year ago

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Natural Contour Powder

Pixi by Petra
" Finally! "

Oh - my - gosh ! Finally! A perfect contour shade perfect for people with fair complexion or light skin ton...

Dara Love 9 months ago

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Crayon Combo

Pixi by Petra
" A new favorite! ;) "

Oh my I luv this combo!! This helps me alot to achieve smoky eyes very easily! I really like how natural it...

Trixie 9 months ago

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Nourishing Sleep Mask

Pixi by Petra
" Pampering "

I love using this for my nightly routine since it is super amazing on the skin. It makes me feel stress fre...

Dinne 8 months ago

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Liplift Max

Pixi by Petra
" Plumping Power in a Stick "

My lips look fuller after a dab of Pixi Liplift Max over my lipstick. Liquid lipstick is my to go everyday ...

Krishla Angela 11 months ago

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Black Lacquer Lash Primer (Jet Black)

Pixi by Petra
" prominent eyes "

I never knew that there is a primer for eyelash. Til i found this. This is a very expensive product just fo...

MM 10 months ago

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Rose Oil Blend

Pixi by Petra
" For sensitive & dry skin ;) "

NEW discovery!! This is one of the best face oil in the market today. I enjoy using this oil because it giv...

Trixie 9 months ago

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Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Mineral Contour

Pixi by Petra
" Worth your money! "

First of all, the packaging is so pretty it's so hard to resist purchasing this! A few pixi products have s...

Jubilee 10 months ago

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Brow Brightener (Golden Glaze)

Pixi by Petra
" Gold! "

I swatched this one and it is really super gold! It looks like melted gold! I like it in the swatch but I t...

Dinne 9 months ago

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Beauty Blush Duo + Kabuki (Rose Gold)

Pixi by Petra
" Something else! "

This is really something elseo because the color of the blush is love! It is very natural on my skin and th...

Zaira Mae 9 months ago

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