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Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Matte-Lip Trend Training Wheels "

When the liquid lipstick craze came in, this was the first one I tried out. The pigmentation of these 'lip ...

Ice over 1 year ago

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Matte Lipstick

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Great buy! "

Love this lipstick! It stays for a long time, though it is not kiss proof or transfer proof, it is very lon...

Angela about 1 year ago

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Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

NYX Professional MakeUp
" LOVE IT!! "

I got the Nyx Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken and I Love it! It looks so much like my lips but better. And its ...

pao 6 months ago

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Lip Primer

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Perfect prep for matte lips "

This lip primer is great because it doesn't make my lips super dry whenever I wear matte lipsticks, it also...

Mara over 1 year ago

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Eyebrow Gel

NYX Professional MakeUp
" hg brow product "

i have thick hair brows but got bald spot due to over plucking. brow pencil brow tints, brow powder and bro...

nerizza over 1 year ago

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Blotting Powder

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Perfect for touch-ups! "

This blotting powder is the bomb when it comes to taking out shine from the oilier parts of my face. You on...

Joelea almost 2 years ago

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Full Throttle Lipstick

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Pure Perfection!!! "

I've got 4 shades of this already (Loaded, Locked, Night Crawl and Sidekick) and I am super impressed! ( No...

Mary Vincelle over 1 year ago

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High Definition Blush

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Always my favorite brand! "

Nyx doesn't cease to amaze me. It may seem like another 'easy-on-the-pocket' product, but let me tell you t...

Pearl 6 months ago

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Lid Lingerie

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Love the pigmentation "

I wanted to get an eyeshadow palette that is (1) affordable, (2) has neutral colors and (3) can use everyda...

Kathleen 3 months ago

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Epic Ink Lip Dye

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Very long lasting lip dye I've ever tried! ❤️ "

This liptint never disappoints me.I have it in the shade of Heart Breaker and it is very long lasting and v...

Nicole 7 months ago

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Away We Glow

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Amazing Glow! "

I got this in the color Moonbeam. I initially thought it would not fit my fair complexion but like, honestl...

Arman 8 months ago

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Color Correcting Cream

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Makes a difference! "

It does brighten up a look! I initially thought this wasn't necessary however it does make a difference and...

Christiene over 1 year ago

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Micro Brow Pencil

NYX Professional MakeUp
" So convenient! "

I bought this in replacement for my Innisfree Skinny Eyebrow pencil. Wasn't actually planning to buy this o...

Patricia Nicole about 1 month ago

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Honey Dew Me Up

NYX Professional MakeUp
" For faking healthy skin!! "

Still waiting for this to restock, this is an amazing product, it gives the face a good glow that lasts all...

Christiene over 1 year ago

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Lip Liner Crayon

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Very flexible (and cheap!) product "

I bought the Natural shade of this lip liner, and I was pleasantly surprised that it works well with red li...

Tanya 10 days ago

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Fly With Me Mascara (Jet Black)

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Butterfly lashes! "

This mascara might be a pricey one but it certainly is worth the buy. It doesn't clump when applied and it ...

Emma 12 days ago

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Eyeshadow Base

NYX Professional MakeUp
" value for money "

I've seen that my eye shadow stays for about 8 hours when I use this. However, you would notice some fading...

Mic about 1 month ago

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Ombre Blush

NYX Professional MakeUp
" Perfect for Everyday Wear "

I love this Ombre blush because I can set the lightness of how I want the blush to look on my cheeks. I lov...

Clary 3 months ago

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Micellar Water

NYX Professional MakeUp
" GET THIS! You won't regret it "

I've been using this product since I bought it towards the end of July and I'm only halfway through the bot...

Jane 4 months ago

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Tinted Brow (Espresso)

NYX Professional MakeUp
" My kilay’s new bff "

I have been using this for a year now and I gotta say, this tube will change your kilay game. It looks very...

Dominique 3 months ago

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