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No Sebum Mineral Powder

₱375.00 ₱260.00
" Pak na pak sa naglalagkit kong fez! "

Well, we know naman na mainet dito sa Pinas. I travel 2-3hrs (because of traffic) by commute: jeep, tric, M...

Jan Loraine over 1 year ago

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Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

₱800.00 ₱560.00
" Best paired with CosRX BHA "

This sucks the gunk out of pores without stripping your skin dry. I follow 50shadesofsnail's advise on clea...

Kay about 1 year ago

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Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

₱510.00 ₱450.00
" LIFE SAVER!!!!! "

My face suffers from small bumps/whiteheads and acne back then and i was in constant search of a facial was...

Junie 12 months ago

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Green Tea Cleansing Foam

₱510.00 ₱370.00

I love this!!! I have very, very sensitive skin so I've only been using Cetaphil for my face for years, but...

Daniela over 1 year ago

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No Sebum Blur Powder

" Totally Mattifies and Has Good Coverage "

I actually prefer this to the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder because a. it gives greater coverage. The N...

Romina about 1 year ago

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No Sebum Blur Pact

₱759.00 ₱480.00
" My New Love! "

This product is perfect for girls with oily skin, it is effective and definitely worth the price! It is in ...

Lizelle Sanly 8 months ago

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Volcanic Cluster Capsule Recipe Pack

₱125.00 ₱90.00
" Favorite clay mask <3 "

I love how these packs are packaged in cute, tiny containers (good for girls like me who want to try out a ...

Carmela about 1 year ago

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It's Real Squeeze Aloe Mask

" DEABAK! (amazing!) "

Rejuvenates the moisture of your face in just one mask! the cool and soothing effect of this mask is a "DEA...

princess jasmine about 1 year ago

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Auto Eye Brow Pencil

" Because kilay is life.. "

Dreamy Dawning Gray has been my go-to brow product for months now. I have really dark brows but on the thin...

Karlenma 4 months ago

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Bija & Tea Tree Capsule Recipe Pack

₱125.00 ₱90.00
" OH. MY. GOD. "

GUYS!!!! THIS IS JUST THE BEST! I'm acne prone and has a sensitive skin and it's really hard to find produc...

Yana 7 months ago

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No Sebum Mineral Pact

₱659.00 ₱480.00
" Definitely a keeper "

I have oily skin so my eyes are glued on products like this. I've been using it for three weeks now and I f...

Kea Paloma Imari about 1 year ago

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It's Real Squeeze Cucumber Mask

" Effective mask "

I love innisfree masks because they're effective and affordable! This cucumber mask is super refreshing and...

Tishy 8 months ago

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Green Tea Sleeping Pack

₱800.00 ₱782.00
" Hide that Lack of Sleep "

I had already finished two tubs of this (I apply it every night) and what can I say? I still managed to loo...

Shin about 1 year ago

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Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

₱1,125.00 ₱800.00

Buying this was a really great decision I made! I pair this with other Innisfree products like the Jeju Vol...

Alec Heindra over 1 year ago

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Green Tea Capsule Recipe Pack

₱125.00 ₱90.00
" My Skin Vitamin! "

This one is a night pack and I love night packs so much be cause my face can get the nourishment it needs o...

cris over 1 year ago

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It's Real Squeeze Bamboo Mask

" Best mask "

Innisfree sells the best masks ever! That’s why when my friend was in Korea, I asked her to kindly buy me d...

Dinne about 1 year ago

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Bija & Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack

₱125.00 ₱90.00
" Overnight Skincare! "

This sleeping pack saves time Big time! After working I just feel tired and I don't want to be bothered by ...

cris over 1 year ago

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Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care SPF50+ PA+++

₱865.00 ₱494.00
" Reasonable value ;) "

Some sunscreens I've used before are too thick and leaves white cast on the skin. But never with Innisfree'...

Trixie over 1 year ago

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Olive Real Cleansing Tissue

" No regrets "

Got this on sale! Super love the scent, really easy to carry around for taking make up off when I feel like...

Anne Nicole over 1 year ago

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Eco Beauty Tool Air Magic Puff (Glow)

₱125.00 ₱82.00

So easy to use, so convenient to carry, quick to clean/sanitize. This puff is not just for your cushion BB ...

Tina over 1 year ago

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