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Lip Kohl

₱120.00 ₱95.00
" Non-drying lip liner "

Get the nude pink - it's the best shade for MLBB! It matched perfectly with my Mocha shade lipstick. Plus, ...

Lhoyen about 2 months ago

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Eyebrow Mascara Tinted Brow Gel

₱380.00 ₱249.00

I've tried a lot of eyebrow tints or eyebrow gels and this one is one of the best! The color is highly pigm...

Melinda 11 months ago

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Mineralize Blush

₱345.00 ₱189.00
" OMG! "

OMG, this blush is to die for. For its price, I was surprised that it's highly pigmented. I have shade #7 w...

Melinda 11 months ago

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12-Flash Color Palette (Face + Body All-in-One Palette)

₱1,500.00 ₱1,350.00
" Perfect cream palette!! "

This is the most pigmented cream palette I've ever owned. Bought this for Halloween and I can say it defini...

Kim 11 months ago

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High Definition Primer

₱1,100.00 ₱799.00
" primer for silky skin "

I found this primer affordable so I gave it a shot, and I'm super happy I did. Just a small drop can cover ...

Melinda 10 months ago

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Metallic Matte Colour Lipgloss

₱350.00 ₱219.00

I was so much into the liquid matte phase, having almost 10 lippies in my kikay kit. I will never get tired...

Melinda 2 months ago

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Rogue Lipstick

₱299.00 ₱229.00
" One swipe intense! "

I saw this new product at beauty mnl, and im glad i purchased it together with the skin genie tints. And wo...

Maria Cecilia 4 months ago

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Pro-5 Camouflage Face and Body Cream Palette

₱550.00 ₱399.00
" Gives you a flawless look "

I love how this palette is a complete corrector/concealer set. I do wish they included lavender in the colo...

Steph 2 months ago

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Matte Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black

₱250.00 ₱219.00
" Gorgeous! Gel pot liner in a stick! Super Love! "

I love eyeliners! And I've always loved pot gel eyeliners but almost never use them these days because I'm ...

Carrie 19 days ago

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Matte and Smudge-Proof Liquid Lipgloss

₱350.00 ₱199.00
" Shade 16# FULL HONEST review "

Delivery came SUPER FAST. I actually purchased this at around 11pm or so the night before and it arrived at...

Cassey 8 months ago

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Matte Long-Lasting 24-Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeline...

₱250.00 ₱194.00
" Pigmented for a very affordable price! ❤️ "

As part of my other review, I also gave this as a part of my BeautyMNL beauty gift to my 18 year old cousin...

Daniella Faye 4 months ago

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Beauty Pencil Eyeliner

₱120.00 ₱95.00
" Does The Job! "

I was looking for an affordable everyday eyeliner that works. Imagic's Beauty Pencil Eyeliner does the tric...

Melinda 18 days ago

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Beauty Lipstick

₱250.00 ₱179.00
" Gorgeous colour ! Pretty smooth ! "

So, I got the Shade #11, and really, what a gorgeous purple ! It was classy yet such a knock-out shade at o...

Alexis 2 months ago

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Contour Cream Kit in Light

₱750.00 ₱599.00
" Best for beach trip! "

I love this palette. It smell normal; no chemical scent; waterproof and great for underwater makeup. I lik...

Trixie 11 months ago

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Double-End Highlight and Contour Stick

₱400.00 ₱299.00
" Super Creamy "

This stick is easy to apply on the face. It's very creamy so it's blendable. I use either my fingers or a s...

Melinda about 2 months ago

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Ultra Light Translucent Loose Powder

₱500.00 ₱399.00
" Not Really Matte "

This product is translucent but, omg, it says (super) matte but there's shimmer! Trust me, guys, if you wan...

Carla Marie about 2 months ago

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