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Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream

" Awesomesauce: Use at night, or day, too, only if you have dry skin "

I've been eyeing snail creams for eons now. They're just so expensive and I'm not the type to splurge on va...

Joanna Paula over 1 year ago

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Deep Detox Black Mask

" Loved by everyone! "

Everyone should stock up on this. This mask is incredible! I advise that you use it after cleansing and you...

Wilma over 1 year ago

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Aloe Soothing Gel

" Totally love it ! Must try. "

Since I already know how to fight pimples and acne, i had a problem how to get rid the marks and dark spots...

Rascelle 11 months ago

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Aqua Keeper Panda Mask

" 10/10 "

This mask feels great on my skin! I put it in the refrigerator first so it feels extra cooling and nice on...

Samantha 8 months ago

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Premium Syn-ake Black Mask

" Cheapest pampering ever! "

I would like to start by letting everyone one know my skin type which is typically oily and my pores are pr...

Gigi over 1 year ago

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Honey Moist Black Mask

" So nice!!! "

I like how this product really nourishes, moisturizes, and comforts skin!!! It is also so calming and perfe...

Kathleen about 1 year ago

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Tea Tree Porest Moist Silky Serum

" Primer like quality "

I love that this essence can serve as my light day moisturizer with added skin benefits. It absorbs quickly...

Hon 9 months ago

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3 Effect Cleansing Tissue

" lazy buddy "

I started using cleansing tissue when i learned how to put make ups. There's a lot of make up remover and i...

mitch about 1 year ago

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Ultra Vitalizing Snail Essence Water

" Exceptional Toner/Essence "

I used to use the Benton High Content Snail Bee Essence and got good results with it but stopped when I rea...

Romina about 1 year ago

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Tea Tree Porest Purifying Clay Mask

" A Must Have "

A Must Have! I'm so in love with this, The smell is so refreshing and it's gentle on skin,it instantly give...

cHRISTINE 10 months ago

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Ultra Vitalizing Snail Emulsion

" Lovin' dewytree for night time skincare! "

Thanks to the sampler set I got when I bought the detox mask, I got this snail emulsion lotion. Ever since ...

Cloud over 1 year ago

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Ultra Vitalizing Snail Serum

" power serum! "

I super duper love the concentration of this product. soooo sooofttttt!!! I love the stickiness since its s...

sharlyn mae over 1 year ago

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Clean Lab Peeling Gel

" Gentle peeling "

can't stop touching my face after using this! it has a thicker consistency than mizon's peeling gel but it'...

Dianne about 1 year ago

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V.C. Whitening Treatment Mask

" For glowing, healthy skin "

I didn't know about the whitening effect but it definitely "brightens" my skin-- an inner glow more like. ...

DJUHARA 3 months ago

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Phyto Therapy Blueberry Foam

" A nice antioxidant-rich cleanser! Great for all skin types! "

I like that it has blueberry extract which is an antioxidant-rich ingredient that protects the skin against...

Abigail 2 months ago

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Collagen Energy Treatment Mask

" Relaxing, brightening mask for achieving that glowing skin you always wanted "

I really love this mask because it has all the goodness of collagen and other extracts including haloxyl, a...

Abigail 2 months ago

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Teatree Blemish Treatment Mask

" Tea tree for sensitives "

Aside from the fact that I love sheet masks, I also especially like tea tree mask variations. They sort of ...

Anj 8 months ago

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Nature Source Deep Pure Cleansing Oil

" Love at first sight "

Since I've been preparing for my wedding, I decided to do the korean skin care and the first thing you need...

Melqueen 4 days ago

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7 Cut Facial Cream

" Worth it! Great for sensitive skin. "

I have been searching for a good moisturizer and I guess I will be sticking to this one. It has a mild and ...

Jane over 1 year ago

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Melting Chou Collagen Mask

" Good, moisturizing mask "

I've tried the entire Melting-Chou line and love the masks! The mask material is a thin, comfortable microf...

Nina 8 months ago

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